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Huck decides to live with Widow Douglas because Tom has started a "gang" of robbers and tells Huck that he only would accept those with a good reputation. he compromises with him that if Huck stays with Widow Douglas he will accept him to the gang. reluctantly, Huck agrees.

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Q: Why does Huck live with the Widow Douglas?
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What does Huck like about Widow Douglas?

Widow Douglas is nice to Huck

How did tom convince Huck to stay with the widow Douglas?

Tom was going to start a gang, and in order for Huck to be part of the gang, Huck would have to stay with the Widow Douglas

What does Huck decide to do to help the Widow Douglas?

Huck hears Injun Joe talking about killing the Widow Douglas. He runs and tells the Welshman who, along with his sons go to save the Widow Douglas.

How does Huck help Widow Douglass?

Huck tell the Welshmansabout Injun Joe's Plan to get revenge on Widow Douglas

How does Huck help Widow Douglas?

huck sees Injun Joe and his sidekick near Widow Douglas talking about slitting Widow Douglas's nostrils so he goes to The Welshman's house to tell them about Injun Joe's plan

Who does Huckleberry Finn live with at the beginning of the novel?

Huck lives with the Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson.

Who does Huck recruit to help the Widow Douglas?

...I'm pretty sure that he tells the Widow Douglas about it so that the Widow Douglas knows that he's/she's in danger...

Which of these statements best conveys the widow Douglas attitude toward huckleberry?

the widow douglas tolerated huck's behavier.

How does the widow Douglas try to reform huck?

The widow Douglas tries to reform Huck by being a positive and good role model for him. They also try to help Huck's father by giving him food and clothing.

Whom does Huck recruit to help the Widow Douglas?

your MOM is the answer

How does huck save widow Douglas?

huck saves life because he was folling red joe

What is the ending of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

huck goes to live with widow Douglas and trys to live "a new sifictacated life" by being good

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