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Why does I stand for current?

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not sure but I need to know ASAP

'I' stands for Intensity of electron flow.

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alternating current. Direct current.

Alternating Current/Direct Current

Air conditioning; alternating current ( household electricity, not battery power which is called DC or direct current ). ac stand for aurotnatic current.

The terms a.c. and d.c. stand for alternating current and direct current, respectively.

Alternating Current and Direct Current. Has to do with electricity.

Alternating current/direct current.

A: Direct current and alternating current

They stand for the 50 states that America has

Alternating Current Opposite of Direct Current

AC is alternating current, and DC is direct current.

Alternating current direct current 1973

Two types of electric current are DC, direct current and AC, alternating current.

Direct current (DC) is nothing but an electric current flowing only in one direction.

ampere. It measures electrical current.

AC stands for alternating current, as opposed to direct current (DC).

The bands members saw the letters AC/DC on Angus's sister's sewing machine. The letters stand for Alternating Current/Direct Current.

For electricity or current to flow through your body, you should be connected to earth. Wood is an insulator, and so when you stand on wood, current cannot flow through your body to earth.

a=Alternating c=current d=Direct c=Current

dc stands for direct current

it defines the voltage and current ratio.

DC stands for Direct Current

220 volts alternating current

DC can stand for "direct current" which is what you get from a battery. dc-in would be a connection for DC input.

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