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This is done to represent the two natures of Christ - divine and human. During early church history, there were two heresies that arose. One claiming that Jesus was fully divine masquerading as a human, and another claiming that He was fully human and not really divine. Both heresies were fought by the Church and an official ruling was made that stated that Jesus was both human and divine. This teaching has been carried forth in art by Jesus holding up two fingers to symbolize his two natures. It is also a traditional sign of blessing. It is sacred Roman blessing Jesus=Caesar. Caesar was also divine.

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Q: Why does Jesus Christ hold two fingers up?
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If you mean the meaning of the two names then Jesus is his name and Christ is his title i.e. Jesus the Christ.

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Are the Jesus of history and Christ of faith the same person?

Strictly speaking, there is not really a Jesus of history, only a Jesus of the gospels. There is no historical evidence outside the Bible for the existence of Jesus. However, the Jesus of the gospels is certainly the Christ of modern faith. Scholars are less certain as to whether there were two or more Jesus or Christ movements in the middle of the first century.

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The two sacred holidays in Christianity are Easter and Christmas day. Easter celebrates the raising of Jesus Christ from the dead and Christmas day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ

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Are Jesus and Christ two different people?

No, these are names for the same person.

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Jesus Christ was related to Cain only by the fact that Jesus was related to Adam (Humanly speaking) and Cain was a son of Adam. But Cain was not the family line that Jesus came from. Jesus came from the line of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. Several thousands of years separated the two generations.

Name two people Jesus Christ raised back to life from the dead?

The two people Jesus raised from the dead are Lazrus and Jarius Daughter.

What do the first two chapters in the book of Matthew tell us in the Bible?

The family tree of Jesus and the birth of Jesus Christ.

When did Christianity and Judaism become two separate religions?

After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Yes. Jesus was a common name back then, similar to Joshua today. However, there was only one Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

What did Jesus promised that crimal?

When Jesus was crucified He was placed alongside two criminals. The two criminals hurled insults and accusations at Christ as they were all slowly dying. At one point, one of the criminals recognized Jesus as the Messiah and asked that he be remembered when Jesus came into His kingdom. This was clear evidence of saving faith, to which Jesus responded "today you will be with Me in paradise." The criminal believed Jesus was God's Son and that He would rise from the dead. As such, he put his faith in Christ. This is saving faith and those who also trust Christ will see this gentleman in paradise.

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The Bible doesn't say the criminals' names. There were two, but at the end of one of the criminal's life, he believed that Jesus was Lord and he went to Heaven with Jesus.

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