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The "Great Red Spot of Jupiter" as it is called, is an anticyclonic storm which has been raging on the planet for hundreds of years. Nobody knows how long the storm has existed for exactly, but it was discovered in 1831.

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What is jupiters big red spot called?

It's called the great red spot of Jupiter.

What is the great red spot on Jupiter called?

Just that. The great red spot.

What is the big gas spot on Jupiter?

The big gas spot on Jupiter is very famous and is called red spot

What is the red spot on Jupiter called?

It's simply known as the Great Red Spot

What is the planet called that has a great red spot?

The planet with a big red spot is Jupiter.

Which planet has red spots on it?

Jupiter. There is a big red spot on Jupiter that is called "The Great Red Spot". Mars is completely red, but I wouldn't say it had red spots.

Which planet has has a storm that appears as a red spot?

Jupiter-it's called the Great Red Spot.

Does Mars have a red dot?

No, Jupiter does, though. Jupiter has a red spot called "The Great Red Spot". It is a hurricane-like storm the size of two or three Earths.

The great red spot on Jupiter?

yes the great red spot is on Jupiter

Is mars the only red planet?

Jupiter is sometimes called the red spot.

Is the red spot on Jupiter shrinking?

Yes ,the Red spot on Jupiter is possibly shrinking.

Will Jupiter have a 2nd red spot?

Jupiter does have another red spot there is a little red spot about half the size as the great big spot cheers

How many red spots are there on Jupiter?

There are two red spots on Jupiter, Great Red Spot and Red Spot Jr.

What is the great big red spot on Jupiter?

the great big red spot on Jupiter is a giant storm on Jupiter surface

Where is the great red spot?

The great red spot is on Jupiter .

What is th great red spot on jupiter?

The great red spot on Jupiter is a massive storm system.

How did jupiter get its big red spot?

Well, It's name is also called 'the red planet.'

Does mars have any rings or a big red spot?

no, Mars does not have a red spot or rings however Jupiter, the largest plant, does have a red spot called the 'Great Red Spot' and it also has a thin ring around it.

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