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becz cena is better than bieber..he is a good guy. bieber just sings..thats all....crap.cena put his body on the line...so all respect cena....like bieber

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Does Miley Cyrus like Justin Bieber?

No, Miley Cyrus does not like Justin Bieber. no she don't like Justin Bieber...

Who else do you like Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber like Adrianna

Will Justin bieber like me?

Justin Bieber likes everyone

Does Justin Bieber wear eye shadow?

No but some guys like Justin bieber do but not justin bieber

Does Bella Thorne like Justin Bieber?

No, Bella Thorne does not like Justin Bieber.

Does jack vidgen like justin bieber?

Yes as a singer. Not 'like' justin bieber ;)

Does Rob Bourdon like Justin Bieber?

Yes. Everyone like Justin Bieber

Is there going to be a duet with Justin Bieber and Angela Bieber?

I don't like Justin Bieber. He sounds like a girl

Why do boys like Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is an appealing singer. Boys can like Justin Bieber. Don't be scared if anybody finds out. All of my friends know that I like Justin Bieber and they say, "Thats cool."

Was Justin Bieber in minutman?

no, there was a guy who looked like him but it was NOT Justin bieber

Does Justin Bieber like red?

Justin bieber loves red

Does Justin Bieber like chinchillas?

justin bieber hates chinchllas

Does John cena like batista?

yes john cena does like batista

Does haylee matyas like Justin Bieber?

Haylee does not like justin bieber but she does like some of his music.

Does Justin Bieber like Miley Cyrus?

Justin Bieber does like Miley, when her hair is fixed.

Can scene kids like justin bieber?

Yes. Anyone can like Justin Bieber, its their choice.

Does Cody Simpson like Justin Bieber?

No. Cody Simpson should not like Justin Bieber.

Does Justin bieber like the name angel?

yes, justinbieberdoes like the name angel

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