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Kane got mad because this was the so called date when his house got burnt down. It was also a promotional idea about his new film See No Evil also.

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When did Kane's mom die why does Kane get mad when people say may 19th?

It is not a real part of his life.It is fictional and is part of his gimmick.So he is just acting.

Is Kane really mad?

No it is just his character.

What happend to Kane on May 19th?

on may 19 mabey like 1975 i don't know the year just the month and day but when undertaker and Kane(undertakers storyline bro)when the were little the undertaker ''accidently burnded down there house killing there parents and hurting Kane(not killing Kane tho)taker was either sad mad or happy about something to make him do this i guess then on a ppv or raw mabey paul bearer introduced Kane with fire as an entrance coming with a costume and a mask with flames(not real flames)Kane ripped the hell in a cell door right off and taker and Kane had a really good 1998 fued leading up to wm which taker one and so on so fourth.

Is WWE Kane crazy?

yes and he is mad too No he isn't

Why is Kane mad at May 19?

Because that's probably the day that see no evil premiered or his birthday or that's the day his parents died

Why was Kane mad on July 7th 2008?

Because he lost the match.

Why was WWE superstar Kane was so mad ever since undertaker got hurt?

The Undertaker and Kane were really close friends.

Is Kane really mad at everyone?

no his brother mike is fine and waiting to rise from the dead

Did Kane Attacked the Undertaker?

yes because when Rey confronted him he got mad and bowed

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Why is Kane mad all the time?

becuzz red and he cant find a date and he got jumped by the nexus

What did Kane do to undertaker on WWE 2010?

first heres how the story goes. the undertaker was thought dead by Kane then the fake death was blamed on rey mysterio when the undertaker told Kane. the undertaker got mad at Kane they fought in hell in a cell. then the undertaker fought Kane in a buried alive match Kane buried the undertaker alive. sadly to beloved fans, but you know he might come back one day.

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A1. He's the most demented superstar EVER! A2.Someone attacked the undertaker. A3. He has never won a royal rumble.

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