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Mr. Dussel joins the group because he needs to go into hiding since he has Jewish background.

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Mr. Dussel joins those in the attic because he has nowhere else to go to hide from the Nazis during World War II. He seeks refuge with the others in hiding to avoid being captured and sent to a concentration camp.

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He joins because he was Miep Gies dentist and he asked if she knew of a hiding place he could go to. She talked it over with Mr. Frank, who was also a friend and seven became eight.

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Q: Why does Mr Dussel join those in the attic?
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Why mr dussel join those in attic?

Because the Frank family said that 7 people is just as dangerous as 8 people.

What does Mr Dussel mean in German?

"Mr. Dussel" translates to "Mr. Nitwit" or "Mr. Fool" in German. The word "Dussel" is colloquial and carries a sense of foolishness or incompetence.

Who was the last person to join the secret annex?

The last person to join the Secret Annex was Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist who joined the Frank family, Van Pels family, and Mr. Dussel in hiding in November 1942.

When did Mr Dussel move in the secret annex?

Mr. Dussel moved into the secret annex in November 1942.

What prank does peter pull on Mr Dussel?

Peter put a dead mouse on Mr. Dussel's bed as a prank.

When did Mr. Dussel move in with the Franks?

Mr. Dussel moved in with the Franks in November 1942.

Who is the first to allow Mr. Dussel to work on their teeth?

Anne Frank is the first to allow Mr. Dussel to work on her teeth.

How does mr dussel come to live in the secret annex?

Mr. Dussel arrives at the secret annex after being invited by the residents to share the hiding place with them. He had been seeking a safe refuge and was offered a spot in the annex by those already living there.

What is Mr Dussel's real name?

his real name is Fritz Pfeffer, but Anne gave him the pseudonym Dussel because it is German for silly, ninny, boob, twit etc. and to protect his identity so that he would not be embarrassed if he survived.

How many children did mr dussel have?

Mr. Dussel, a character mentioned in The Diary of Anne Frank, was actually the dentist Fritz Pfeffer. Pfeffer had one child, named Werner Peter Pfeffer.

What day did Mr Dussel move in with the Franks and Van Daans?

November 16, 1942:Fritz Pfeffer (Mr. Dussel) moves into the Secret Annex.

What causes the Franks to agree to take in Mr Dussel?

They took Mr. Dussel in because they wanted to help him to go into hiding. Anne Frank was excited she was going to have someone to talk with but after some time with Dussel, she couldn't stand him.