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Mr. Dussel arrives at the secret annex after being invited by the residents to share the hiding place with them. He had been seeking a safe refuge and was offered a spot in the annex by those already living there.

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Q: How does mr dussel come to live in the secret annex?
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How did DrDussel endangered the secret live of the annex?

Dr. Dussel endangered the secret life of the annex by being careless and not following the agreed-upon rules, such as wandering around the annex at night, making noise, and ultimately compromising their secrecy with his behavior.

Who was the eighth person to live in the annexe?

Mr. Dussel became the eighth person to live in the annex.

How many people came to live in the secret annex?

Eight people lived in the secret annex.

What did Dussel do for a living - Story of Anne Frank?

Fritz Pfeffer. But he was given the alias of Albert Dussel in the story to protect the families of the deceased. In Anne's originally published diary, her pseudonym names for everyone were kept, but startying with editions published in the early 1980's and beyond, the real names of the persons are used. In the caseof Fritz Pfefer, the named "Dussel" has significance. Anne and Pfeffer did not get along at all, and Anne gave him the pseudonym "Dussel" which in German means "jerk" or "nitwit".

How long the franks live in the secret Annex?

The Franks family lived in the secret annex for 2 years and 29 days before they were captured by the Germans Police.

Did the van daans live at the secret annex?

if you mean the rules of Anne Franks secret annexe then you couldn't make any noise during office hours, (including walking heavily an flushing the toilet) no wasting food and no speaking, listening to or reading German (except for reading classics). I love the book you should try it!

How long did the people live in the Secret Annex?

From July 6th, 1942 to August 4th, 1944.

Why did Anne Frank live in the secret annex?

She and the others hid there in the hope of avoiding deportation to an extermination camp.

What is the dutch word for The secret annex?

Both the house where Anne Frank used to live as well as the diary she wrote are called 'het Achterhuis' (literally translated 'the back house') 'the secret annex' translated = het geheime bijgebouw (literally 'the secret side building')

How long did these people live in the annex?

they lived in the secret annex for 2-3 years unconcluding against the Nazis but also including them because of the Jewish laws they needed to hid from

Why were the 4 other people living in the secret annex invited to live there?

The four other people invited to live in the secret annex were Otto Frank's business associates who he asked to join them in hiding to increase their chances of survival and provide additional help and support to the group during their time in hiding.

Did Anne Live in the secret Annex during the holocaust?

Yes, Anne Frank and her family hid in the secret annex in Amsterdam during the Holocaust to escape Nazi persecution. They lived there for over two years before being discovered and arrested by the Gestapo.