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you need to replace the cam position sensor this is easy job sensor will cost about 150 dollars, sensor is located on front of block above pulley wheel.u need to lie underneath vehicle to get at it remove wire plug in. remove securing blot. remove sensor. insert new sensor, replace bolt, replace electric plug. job is done , Sounds like the injector pump or injectors are giving you trouble.

2007-02-28 14:52:36
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What is the best description of a strike-slip fault?

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97 sunfire gt sometimes does a jerking motion when you push on the gas like it's having trouble getting gas?

This could be caused by a lot of things. If it was my car, I'd start by replacing the fuel filter, checking and, if necessary, replacing the plugs and checking/replacing the plug wires. I'd also run a bottle of injector cleaner through the system in case the injectors have gotten dirty or clogged. (I do that every few months just a matter of course) If these things don't solve your problem, I'd suggest taking it in to a diagnostic center as it could be a sensor or a computer problem. Let us know what you find! FriPilot

Why does the speedometer indication fluctuate with engine RPM's when the vehicle is parked or in motion on a 1991 Ram Diesel?

Have your votlage output on your alternator checked? Have your votlage output on your alternator checked?

Diesel Generator And How It Works?

A diesel generator is basically a device that uses diesel fuel that produces electricity. In essence this type of generator can be seen as two separate devices within one unit that produces power. The diesel engine uses the fuel which powers the motor that causes the motion for the generator. Then the motion that is created is turned into electricity with the use of electromagnets. The engine and the generator which contains the electromagnets within it, is connected with a crankshaft which in turns aids in the transfer of motion to the generator. The small engine of the diesel generator operates like other small similar engines. And any fuels can be used to operate the small engines. Diesel is preferred because of its ability to burn and not explode like other fuels in that category. To start the diesel generator, the gas tank has to be filled, then the engine can be started either by using a key or by an automatic starter. Pull start engines are quite common on diesel generators as well. To start a pull start engine, just give a quick tug on the cord and the engine will turn over and fire right up. To keep the engine at a good speed, their is a throttle or governor. This helps maintain the power output and also prevents damage from occurring within the components of the engine from operating at a high speed. As the diesel engine is started and the inner workings turn the crankshaft that is connected to the generator, this spawns the motion within the chamber that contains the electromagnets. The constant high speed motion produces an electric current which is ready to be used by anything plugged into the generator. The governor switch allows for the engine to rev at various points while electricity is being used. This prevents the diesel generator from dropping suddenly while tools or other various items are plugged in and are being used.

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