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Q: Why does Oklahoma state university say go pokes?
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How do you read pokes on facebook?

You can see your pokes on your home page,below the events. It says who poked you( it doesn't say when) and it also has a "poke back" feature. Hope I helped you.

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"Superpoke! I'm bringing it back."

Can you move out at 16 legally without parents consent in the state of Oklahoma?

No you may not leave at 16 in Oklahoma. Until you are an adult, 18, you live where they say you live.

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Keep your hands to yourself, friend.

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yes it is i went there and now i have a well paying job and am about to become a millionaire!

Is it illegal in Oklahoma for girls to cuss and smoke in public?

I don't know about smoking, but as far as cussing goes, it's in the constitution that we have free speech. I don't see how the state of Oklahoma could say girls couldn't say what they want in public.

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Im gonna say baked beans probably. -Xavier Luistia Scientist. University of Oklahoma

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Is Fresno state a public university?

Do you mean the university formally known as California State University -Fresno? If so, yes, it's a public university. If you mean "the Fresno State University of Bumfuggle Kansas (or wherever)", then it's probably a diploma mill (though if you're going to appropiate a real university's name, I don't know why anyone would go for CSUF over, say, Harvard or Stanford).