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Because green is a great colour and she likes it when it's a digital green

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โˆ™ 2010-11-14 15:05:42
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Q: Why does Selena Gomez like the colour green?
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Which colour do Selena gomez like?

Selena Gomez said that she likes the color green. i don't know the exact shade of green.

What kind of green does selena gomez like?

Selena Gomez likes every shade of green but her favorite green is digital green.

What is Selena Gomez favoit color?

green, like a digital green.

Does Selena Gomez like blue in 2011?

No she loves green

What colour does Selena Gomez like her nails?

i think Selena would like her nails black or pink mmm....she can french them if she wanted :P:P

What does Selena gomez not like?

Selena Gomez does not like playing football

What Selena Gomez doesn't like?

selena gomez does not like bugs

What is color Selena Gomez don't like?

She don't like red, she says that red is a screamy colour.

Does Selena gomez like being tickled?

Selena Gomez does like to be ticked!

How do you say do you like Selena gomez in spanish?

que le gusta Selena Gomez or te gusta Selena Gomez both ways are the same way to say do you like Selena Gomez

How can you be like Selena gomez?

Here are some links: Look like her - Dress like her - Makeup like her - Hair like her -

What colour is Selena Gomez's room?

her room is like orange red pink that kind of colours

Does Selena Gomez like the colour of purple?

Probably, since she wears a lot of purple. :D

Is James Maslow friends with Selena gomez?

no there in love james like selena gomez and selena like james

How do you say i like Selena gomez in french?

J'aime Selena Gomez.

Does Selena gomez like kissing?

Selena gomez loves kissing!

Does he like Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber does have a crush on Selena Gomez.

What Selena Gomez subject she like?

Selena Gomez likes bum

What are Selena Gomez's two favorite colors?

1 of them is green and the other purple like me!

Does Selena Gomez like the color pink a lot told by her?

No her fav color is green

Why is selena gomez favorite color green?

She say that she did't know why she like the color green she just dose

Does Cole like Selena gomez?

Cole Sprouse does like Selena Gomez, but only as friend!

Dose Shane gray like Selena gomez?

=no Shane gray does not like Selena Gomez=

Does Leo howard like Selena gomez?

Yes Leo Howard does like Selena Gomez

Hey Selena Gomez you are a HUGE fan you wanted to know what its like to be famous?

sincerly. Selena Gomez sincerly. Selena Gomez