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Q: Why does Tim McGraw's shirt say jack?
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What do Tim McGraws tattoos say?

Out of Tim's five tattoos, only one is a real word; Faith. Other tattoos are a leprechaun wearing a cowboy hat, and the Ichthys fish. He also has DHD for his band, the Dance Hall Doctors, and all three of his daughters' initials.

What actors and actresses appeared in All You Had to Say - 2009?

The cast of All You Had to Say - 2009 includes: Frank Brantley as Josh PJ Evans as Tim Curtis Wayne as Jack

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"Shirt" in Spanish is "camisa".

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In newsie Where does Jack say his parents are?

where does jack say his parents are

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The big shirt is green.

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you say SHIrT and bb witch

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What is Joerococo, number on the All black t shirt

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This would be "Feliz cumpleanos, Tim"

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a man's shirt is called 'une chemise' (fem.) in French.

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It does

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