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They don't. But the questions seem to be a beacon for people that want to post bad comments, insults and other items that violate the Terms of Use of the web site. As an example the first answer to this question was nonsense. And it was posted by the person that asked the question. Which indicates that they were not serious about the question in the first place and simply wanted to abuse the site.

In order to prevent the abuse, some of the answers are protected by Supervisors. They are usually opened up after a few days, but further abuse will result in them being locked down again.

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What is a close-ended question?

A close ended question is one that can be answered with yes, no , or another single word.

How do you navigate back to where you were after answering a question on WikiAnswers?

You can close the box of the question you just answered and it will be back at the previous list of questions.

When you type a question which you had asked already in WikiAnswers you can see that question in the box belowWhat should you do if you dont want to see that question in that box below?

Click Close.

When will WikiAnswers close?

Currently, WikiAnswers is nowhere near shutting down or closing. WikiAnswers is extremely popular, and as long as its popularity stays as it is, WikiAnswers will never shut or close down.

Just answer the question or close this website?

Your question regarding ammonia has been referred to our duty Chemist.

A question that cannot be answered with yes, no, or another single word is?

an open-ended question.

How do you deactivate your account on WikiAnswers?

See the Related Links for information how how to close your WikiAnswers account.

Does WikiAnswers know everthing?

No, WikiAnswers doesn't know everything. We are pretty close though.

Can you ask a private question on WikiAnswers?

When you post a question in the "Enter a question here..." box at the top of the page, it can be seen by anyone browsing the WikiAnswers. So the question is not private. Your identity is relatively private if you have created a username that is not so close to your real name that people who know you could figure out the connection. If you want to ask a question of one individual who has an account here, go to the person's profile page and place a message.

How do you edit a question in Wiki when the edit button isn't working?

you can't. close the browser, open it again, then edit and it will work. wikianswers is just stupid that way

Can the answers on WikiAnswers be trusted?

In most of the cases YES. The community has many people who post legitimate answers and we have a bunch of supervisors who ensure that nonsense & junk answers are removed and the answers remain as close to the question as possible. Remember: Wikianswers does not guarantee the correctness or accuracy of the answers. The website works in a best effort manner where the best possible effort is put to give you the right answer but the correctness is not guaranteed.

What services does the American Office website provide?

There is no specific website that fits this question. Any close guess would be the official government website of the U.S. They provide several services that run for the U.S.

Hw do you take out your membership with wikianswers?

If you would like to close your WikiAnswers account, you will need to contact support. They will do it for you, and send you a confirmation.

How is WikiAnswers different to other search engines?

The main difference between WikiAnswers and other search engines is that WikiAnswers ... isn't a search engine. WikiAnswers is a Q&A database, and not anywhere close to a search engine, so that sets it far apart from other search engines. Plus, anyone can ask, and answer, and categorize, questions at will, without having to sign up. Plus, your question is either here or it isn't. If it isn't, you can ask. On search engines, if your question isn't there, it isn't there, and you can't do anything about it.

What state leads the world in the production of apples?

I think its Washington. ______________________ We're sorry... The officail office cordinators Of WikiAnswers[WikiAnswers are trademarked]are sorry we have to close this Question :( We believe that using "I think" is against the rules and will not be tolerated, you to can leave your email addresses and we'll get back to you by email, Sincerley, WikiAnswers Moderater; James Adam C. (

If wiki doesnt want to answer a question dont offend the person asking just close the site down and we will go elsewhere?

WikiAnswers questions are answered by humans. If your question doesn't get answered, it is not because "Wiki doesn't want to answer it." It is because there are literally THOUSANDS of new questions on this site every single day, and it is very difficult to keep up with them. The site cannot be closed down just because one question doesn't get answered.

What would happen if you close your browser without signing off WikiAnswers?

Nothing bad. WikiAnswers just waits for the next time you log on.

Something is wrong with Wikianswers. Whenever I type in a question it usually shows other questions related to the question that I asked but it won't do it. What is wrong here?

WikiAnswers always does that. It just means nobody else has asked exactly the question you are asking. You could try rephrasing your question, to see if something close to the answer you want turns up. Otherwise, simply ask your question and wait to see if it's answered. The list of other questions, headed in red 'Is one of these your question?' is offering questions and answers which might be helpful to you. Under this list is the heading, 'No? Post your question to the community!'. Beneath this is a pane which will contain the question you've entered. You can click on 'Submit Question', and then your question will be posted on WikiAnswers and you will be notified if the question is answered, or altered in some way. Or you can change the wording of your question and submit the new wording.

How do you ask qustions?

If you are looking to know how to ask a question on WikiAnswers, then you have been successful in doing so. If its to a human being and you are not close to them then say Excuse me can i ask you something please? Depending on the answer you should follow

Why won't anyone answer my question on this website?

There are many reasons a question may not get answered. One of the more common reasons is that the question is incomplete or not enough information was given to answer the question. It may be that no one that has seen the question knows the answer. Or the question could be very close to another question that has already been answered.

What if your website stinks?

close it

Where to find free clip arts?

go to ur second favorite question place ( assuming your first is SO wikianswers) and type in free clip art into the search bar... i found that by using to search for clipart it worked better than the leading ones like google (but it still will never come close to a website like wikianswers)... You can find free clip art at Everything there is completely free to use for non-profit.

How do you close wwwbouncecupcom?

The annoying website is a disgusting website that doesnt allow you to close when you click the x. the only way to close the website is to go to your task manager and click where it says and click end task.

Is WikiAnswers credible?

The community here at WikiAnswers tries to answer as many questions as possible with close accuracy. All questions are based from the answerer's knowledge and should be put to consideration.

Does WikiAnswers help you?

The community here at WikiAnswers tries to answer as many questions as possible with close accuracy. All questions are based from the answerer's knowledge and should be put to consideration.