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Because 1998 Saturns suck. I have one, so I should know ;) Honestly, it's either your throttle, a clogged fuel line or a misfiring spark plug. It is common for the upper motor mount to wear out and cause excessive vibration especially at low RPMs. It is easy to replace yourself at a cost of about $90. It is in plain view and located on the belt and accessories side of the engine. To replace, first support the engine from underneath with a jack and block of wood on the oil pan. Second, remove the bolts on the motor mount and install new mount and the bolts supplied. Third, make sure you torque the bolts to the proper specs. That's it! It took me about 45 minutes. Immediate improvement in noise and vibration.

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โˆ™ 2005-08-22 22:33:16
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Q: Why does a 1998 Saturn vibrate so much at idle and have so many rattles?
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Idle is computer controlled by the pcm (computer)-not adjustable.

What causes car to vibrate when ac is running but only when in idle?

Fast idle motor is not working. This is allowing the idle to fall below the threshold of what it should be when the A/C is on.

Why does the engine vibrate when it's in drive but not in idle?

Possible bad motor mount

What can cause a 2001 Saturn engine to vibrate at idle and up to 2900 rpm either driving or at standstill?

The upper engine mount is collapsed. On the passenger side by the coolant reservoir look at the mount If you see 1/4 inch or more gap the mount is collapsed and will cause the whole car to vibrate

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Bad idle, lack of power. Vehicle may shake or vibrate at idle.

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What would cause rpm to race then slow while at idle in park on a 1998 Saturn SL 2 coupe?

your airflow is uneven check the airflow sensor wire/ sensor

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I would look for a vacuum leak.

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