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This simply means you need to check your accessories

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โˆ™ 2008-12-26 23:09:34
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Q: Why does a 2002 dodge stratus sedan beep 15 times when you start it?
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When do the dodge sales start?

Dodge sales start at different times. Different dealerships in different location have different times for sales. Most of them tend to start around Memorial day.

Where is the washer pump located on a 1997 Dodge Stratus and is it easy to replace?

the pump should be in the washer bottle and replacement is as easy as removing the bottle most times

2002 Dodge Stratus - engine revs bucks violently several times when cold starting. Will also misfire causing the car to buck lurch as if I'm revving the gas when coming to a stop. Is this common?

Check spark plugs, common problems on a Stratus.

Why will a 1993 dodge caravan start sometimes and wont start a other times?

Your 1993 Dodge Caravan might start sometimes and not start other times because of a bad starter or solenoid. You might also have a weak battery or a charging system that is not working correctly. This could also be an issue with the distributor.

What is the 0-60 time for 2005 infinity g35 sedan?

So you bought a luxury sedan.. wanting 0-60 times... at least get a Mitsubishi or Subaru sedan if you want 0-60 times.

Why does a 2001 Dodge Stratus not start at times when sitting for a while but once started runs beautifully This is only when it sits for a period of time Once started it will turn over all the time?

I don't know but i have the same problem and have been replacing anything to no avail now that its cold its even worse.

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Your 1999 dodge stratus ran out of gas and when you put more in it would not start what could be wrong?

The fuel pump only runs for a couple seconds after the initial start attempt, then shuts off. Crank the engine for a few seconds. Then turn it off and then do it again for a few more seconds. Do this several times in order to get the fuel to the engine. After a few attempts, the engine should start.. Hope this helps...

I crank the engine 3 to 4 times before its start..?

I crank the engine 3 to 4 times before its start..?so what is the problem of my car dodge caravan 2001...

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Need to pump out bad gas 2004 dodge stratus?

They have hand pumps to transfer fuel at many auto parts/better tool stores but bad gas is actually rare and oft times other things causing.

Why does your Dodge Ram shut off?

not shore if i disconnect the battery and re connect ti will start some times runs for a week other times ten minuets

My 1998 dodge status fan speed on your heater and front defrosters only works on high speed what can be wrong?

It is your blower motor resistor. It is about a $20 part and you can put it in yourself if you are handy. If not, a mechanic will put it in for $25-$50. I have had this happen several times to my stratus.

You have 1995 dodge avenger it has the 2.0 in it some times the car will shut off and not start there is no check engine light when you turn the key the car will not start if there is it will start?


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How do you reset my oil change light on my 2007 dodge truck?

turn key to on position but don't start it, depress the gas pedal fully 3 times then start the truck and the warning should be gone!

How do you get a diesel to start in cold weather?

my 2007 dodge sprinter will not start eventhough i let the engine glow a couple times. now from trying the battery is some what dead so i am charging it any help thank you Nathan

When the engine is cold it stalls at idle?

i have a 2000 dodge work van 318 engine when i start in the morning it stalls several times until it warms up then ok

Why does your 1995 Dodge truck no start up sometimes and other times it will?

because it is traditionally a very unreliable truck. If i were you i would check it with an engineer and if all is not well sell it.

How do you reset oil change indicator 2010 dodge ram 1500?

Turn the key on but do not start the truck then slowly press the gas pedal to the floor 3 times

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What causes a 2004 dodge stratus to leak transmission fluid in freezing weather?

had the same issue on my 2004 v6 2 times now. once at 89000 and again at 155000. both time it has been transmission cooler lines. Was told at dodge dealer this is a on going issue with those cars. On the plus side that in the only problem i have had with it. Advice run synthetic oil and will help with the slug these motors are know for.