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if it hits 300rpm its to low u mean 3000rpms

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Q: Why does a 98' Ford Contour jerk when it hits 300 rpm?
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How much does it cost to repair the ac in a 1995 ford contour?

around 300

What should the labor charge be to replace the timing chain on a 1998 Ford Contour?

My mechanic charged me around $200 to $300 just for labor. My total bill was around $400.00 +

Will elevations of 300' and 350' respectively occur on the same contour line isoline on a topographic map?

no, it will not be on the same contour line (isoline) because 300 n 350 is 2 different elevations

Will a ford 400 v8 bolt to a 300 6cylinder transmission?

will a ford 250-6 trans work on a ford 300-6

Why can't contour lines cross merge or split?

Contour lines are imaginary lines that join points of equal height. Therefore, say, a 300 metre height contour line can never meet a 400 metre height one.

Why do the windshield wipers quit working on a 1995 Ford Contour while driving?

Just took my 1998 Contour SE to the dealer for the same problem.. apparently there is a short, two wire rubbing together. This is costing me about $300 + tax, to replace a $33 fuse and repair the wiring. also check underneath the wiper casing mine caught fire

Does a Ford 300 Straight 6 have electronic ignition?

Ford was making the switch to electronic ignition on the 300 straight 6 during the production of the 1974 model year Ford truck

What is the last year 300 6 Ford?


Ford Expedition 5.4 hp?

300 hp

What is Ford 300 oil?

The recommended oil for a Ford 300 is Shell Rotella 15w-40. If cost is an issue, regular 10w-30 or 10w-40 oil can be used.

How do you fix PO on ford 8 cylinder F 250?

error po 300 on ford f250

Firing rotation for 1995 ford 300 six 4.9l engine?

The firing order on the Ford 300 six (4.9 liter) is 1-5-3-6-2-4. This is for all 300 sixes made between 1965 and 1996The firing order on the Ford 300 six (4.9 liter) is 1-5-3-6-2-4. This is for all 300 sixes made between 1965 and 1996

What is the firing order for a Ford 300 six cylinder?


Is the 1979 300 6 chain or belt timing?

Chain if you are asking about a 300 Cu In 6 cylinder Ford.

Will 1984 Ford F-150 300 cu in engine interchange with a 1990 F150 Ford 300?

Yes, the 300 six cylinder was always basically the same. The newer motor will have fuel injection. You have to swap that or change out all the wiring.

Why does my Chrysler 300 jerk when accelerating?

Because most Chrysler 300 drivers are jerk. Isn't this true? They act like they're from the hood....driving fast, zig-zagging in trafic and acting like they own the roads. Ignore that bonehead... look I have been researching this subject and I think that some of the 300 models have had slight tranny problems. Most of it has been corrected in technical bulletins, so take it in to a dealer and let them look at it.

Where is number one cylinder for a ford 300 6-cylinder?

For your Ford 4.9 liter / 300 cubic inch inline six cylinder engine : ( the # 1 cylinder is at the FRONT of the vehicle )

How much does a 1989 ford ranger weigh?

prob 300 pounds

What is the spark plug gap for 1996 300 CID ford?


What is the firing order on a 1993 ford 300 straight 6?


How much horse power does a stock ford 400 engine have?


First car driven over 300 mph?

Ford GT40

What is plug gap on 1980 ford 300 6cylinder?

.044 inch

What is the batting average 3 hits out of 10 at bats?


What is the timing for a 1988 ford pickup 300 automatic?

10 degrees BTDC - according to ( one of Fords websites ) for a 1988 Ford truck with the 300 cubic inch straight 6 cylinder engine