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Q: Why does a bench grinder have two wheels?
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What is a bench grinder?

A bench grinder is a grinder, particularly one with a pair of grinding wheels which is designed to be permanently mounted on a workbench.

Where can one purchase a bench grinder?

One can purchase a bench grinder from Auto Speed, Argos, Amazon, Sears and Blacksmith websites. One can use bench grinder to drive abrasive wheels or grind cutting tools. Bench grinder is a grinding machine used on bench tops.

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Two possible hazards for using a bench grinder?

useing it

Procedure for setting up a bench grinder?

Bench grinders need to be bolted down to keep them steady. Depending on the type of grinding desired, the small work plates in front of the wheels can be angled to grind at the direction needed.

How do you protect your eyes when grinding a tool in the bench grinder?

Always wear a pair of safety goggles and ensure that the transparent shield on the grinder is in place.

2 hazards of a bench grinder?

1 get swarf in to eyes 2 crushing finger

Why mixer grinders have rubber stands on them?

We provide a mixer grinder with rubber stand in order that the vibrations are not transmitted to the bench or table. If this were allowed, then the whole area of the bench would be a sounding board - and very noisy.

When to replace a grinding wheel on a bench grinder?

When you can no longer maintain your 1/8" gap on the guard/table.

What if your dog or cat doesn't like your boyfriend or girlfriend?

throw it through a large bench grinder or table saw

What is a dental lathe used for?

It is a piece of dental laboratory equipment used for polishing crowns and dentures. It's basically a bench-mounted electric motor that accepts abrasive and polishing attachments (such as abrasive wheels, sanding drums, and rag wheels). it looks like a bench grinder and it might be more accurate to refer to it as such, but dentistry has chosen to call it a "lathe", perhaps because it sounds more professional. A dental lathe bears no resemblance to a machinist's lathe, either in form or function.

What do you use to sharpen a lawn mower blade?

I use my electric grinder with rough & smooth grinding wheels