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A bimetallic strip bends when heated because it is composed of two different types of metal. The different metals form the two sides of the strip expand and contract at different rates when subjected to a temperature change.

When heating a bimetallic strip, one side of the metals expands faster than the other, making it longer. Because it is bonded to the other metal, it cannot expand in a straight line. The only way the two metals can stay bonded while expanding at different rates, is for strip to bend, one side becoming longer than the other.

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Does the bimetallic strip bend when heated?


Why does a bimetellic strip bend when heated?

A bimetallic strip is made of two different metals. When heated metals expand. Since in a bimetallic strip there are two different metals they will expand different amounts. This causes the bend in the strip.

What is a bimetallic strip and why does it bend when heated?

a bimetallic strip is a strip made from two metals fastened together. <><><> It bends when heated, because one metal expands more than the other metal it is fastened to.

What happens when a bimetallic strip is heated?

The bimetallic strip bends.

What is the principel of bimetallic strip?

A bimetallic strip is made from two combined metal strips that have different rates of expansion when heated. This causes the strip to bend and so close or open an electrical contact switch.

What happens to bimetallic strip when it is heated and cooled?

The two metals have different expansion rates when the strip is heated. This means that one of the metals will expand more than the other, causing the strip to bend.

Why do bimetallic strips bend?

A Bimetallic Strip is made of two different metals joined together. The strips coils when it is heated and when the strip cools the strips uncoil again. And movements of the strips can operate a type of electrical switch.

How does heat expand a bimetallic strip?

A bimetallic bends when heated as there is an uneven expansion in both the metals.

What is the principel of biametallic strip?

A bimetallic strip is made from two combined metal strips that have different rates of expansion when heated. This causes the strip to bend and so close or open an electrical contact switch.

What are the uses of a bimetallic strip?

Bimetallic strips were commonly used in thermostats. The two metals would expand at different rates and therefore bend. When a bimetallic strip, made of iron and brass [or any other metals] is heated, both metals expand differently, causing the bimetallic strip to bend. These bimetallic strips are used in fire alarms. The heat of the fire, causes the brass and iron strips to expand, ultimately resulting in the bending of the bimetallic strip, which on bending touches the screw adjacent to it, thus completing the circuit. Once the circuit is complete, the bell begins to ring. Thus the brass bends more than the steel, but on cooling, contracts more than the steel, thus causing the bimetallic strip to bend in the opposite direction.

Which direction does a bimetallic strip bend when cooled?

It depends how it has been constructed

What changes takes place when bimetallic strip is heated?

actually what happen is that the strip is curved to the outside

What is a bi-metal strip?

A bi-metal strip is a bimetallic strip that is used to convert temperature changes into mechanical movement. It consists of two metals that expand by different amounts when the temperature changes, so it will bend when heated.

Strip made from two metals that bend when heated?

That is called a bimetallic (bimetal, bi-metal or bi-metallic) strip. The strip is made of two layers of different metals. The metals expand or contract with changes in temperature. The two metals have different rates of expansion/contraction with temperature which causes the strip to bend.

When a bimetallic strip is heated it bends toward the metal with the thermal expansion?

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What did the bimetallic strip do and why?

The bimetallic strip was used in thermostats. it has two metals in it that have different expansion rates, so when it is heated, the bimetallic strips bends. when it cools, the strips return to normal. this allows heat to pass through.

Which direction does bimetallic strip bend toward higher or lower coefficient of expansion?


What are the devices of bimetallic strip?

what are the devices of bimetallic strip

Why does a bimetallic strip curve when it is heated?

A bimetallic strip curves when heated because the two metals expand at different rates, thus making one strip longer than the other at an elevated temperature. Since the two metals are bonded together, the strip is forced into a curve to accomodate the resulting difference in length of its two parts.

What is bimetallic strip made of?

A bimetallic strip is made out of steel and iron

Why does the bimetallic strip take the curved shape?

A bimetallic strip bends when heated because of the difference in coefficients of thermal expansion of the two metals - one half of the strips expands more than the other.

Why do you use a bimetallic strip in fire alarms?

Bimetalic strips are composed of two metals with different properties in the case of fire alarms it is the difference in thermal expansion that is important. When the strip is heated (due to a fire) the strip bend and can complete an electric circuit setting off the alarm.

What is the use of the bimetallic strip in a fire alarm?

When a fire occurs, the heat would cause the bimetallic strip in the fire alarm to bend. This would close circuits that allow currents to flow and activate the fire alarm.

What temperature is required for a bimetallic strip to bend?

Any temperature above or below the temperature at which they were glued together.

Where can you find a Bimetallic strip?

A thermostat normally contains a bimetallic strip or disc.