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It has more pressure

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Q: Why does a bouncy ball bounce higher when dropped from a high point?
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How is the bounce height of a ball related to the drop height?

They higher the point at which it's dropped the higher it will bounce.

Will a ball bounce higher if it is dropped from a greater height?

yes up to a certain point as there is more kinetic energy involved.The height of its bounce is limited by its terminal velocity

Does the size of a ball effect how high it bounces?

Not to any appreciable extent. Bounce is caused by the elasticity of the material comprising the ball and the surface on which it is bounced.For example, on concrete a basketball will bounce higher than a baseball, but a golf ball--How high it bounces depends on how much force you exert on it. If you only let it drop, it will not bounce higher that the point you dropped it from and every time it bounces, it will go less and less high. anyway, the bigger the ball, the more force you will have to exert on it to make it bounce higher than the point it was dropped, or "bounced" from.

Why is it when a ball is dropped from a higher point it bounces higher?

a basketball bouces higher because the air

What is the point of the pretzel man on super power island?

He is just a distraction. The important guy is the hot dog vendor (get one). The bouncy umbrella will bounce gargoyles if you toss them off the building, but this has no value in the game.

When does a bouncing ball have the most potential energy?

A bouncing ball has the most potential energy when it is at the top portion of its bounce. Technically... A bouncy ball is at it's max. potential energy when it's still in your hand, but if you mean after it's been thrown, it's when it's at the highest point of that particular bounce.

Does PSI affect how a basketball bounce?

Yes it does . Lower psi than needed to completely fill the ball would make it bounce less. More would makeitbounce a bit higher . But only to a certain point

What is the point of impact of a bounce ball?


What is a compass jump?

Compass jumpsA compass jump is a bicycling trick where you keep your knees slightly bent, feet together and stay on your toes at all times - bounce and move your feet forward (north), bounce and bring your feet back to the starting point, bounce and move your feet to your right (east), bounce and bring your feet back to the starting point, bounce and move your feet to the rear (south), bounce and bring your feet back to the starting point, bounce and move your feet to your left (west), bounce and bring your feet back to the starting point, repeat.

What makes a bouncy ball bounce?

This is due to the elastic properties of the polymer that makes up the ball. As the ball hits the surface, it compresses under strain (but only to a certain point). The residual strength of the structure of the ball eventually overcomes the initial downward force to spring back to it normal shape. This causes the ball to rebound from the surface. It will not bounce as high as the start point as energy is lost into to sound and heat.

Does a hot ball or cold ball bounce higher?

A hot ball would bounce higher than a cold ball because it is more flexible and compresses more than a cold ball on impact. This means that at the moment the ball is stationary, before bouncing up, the ball has more energy stored - much like a spring - allowing the ball to propell itself upwards with a higher force. The hot ball will reach a point, however, where it will either become sticky or lose its rigidity so much that it won't return to normal after impact. Beyond this point the ball will bounce less and eventually not at all. So a bit of rigidity is important for a ball to bounce, but too much is not good! A hot ball bounces higher than a cold ball because all the rubber and molecules are frozen and wont work well Also, to improve,it's because hot water has more pressure in it. If the ball has more pressure in it, the surface of the ball becomes really hard and super bouncy.

How high can a normal basketball bounce?

The height of the bounce depends on the speed with which it strikes the ground. The harder you throw it down, the higher it will bounce. Since a basketball is a real physical object, there's a practical limit here: at some point, it will explode rather than bounce. However, short of getting a bunch of basketballs and testing them to destruction, it's hard to tell what that limit would be.

Why will a tennis ball bounce higher when released from a higherpoint?

The short answer is that mechanical energy, which is the sum of gravitational potential energy (= mgh) and kinetic energy (= 1/2 * mv^2) must remain constant as the ball drops. By dropping the ball from a higher point, you're increasing the value of mgh, thus giving it more energy with which to bounce back up.By simplifying the problem with assumptions (no friction/air resistance, perfect elasticity, instantaneous impulse, etc.) it can be shown that a ball dropped from height "H" will accelerate as it descends downwards, bounce off a flat surface, decelerate as it ascends back upwards and exactly reach its original height "H".

What would happen to a diamond if you dropped it in molten gold?

Probably not much of anything since a diamond have a melting point much higher than gold. I think almost 2-3 times higher than gold.

What happens if boiling point is higher than melting point?

The boiling point is always higher than the melting point.

How does pressure effect the boiling point?

The higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point.

Which has a higher boiling point CH4 or CH3Br?

CH3Br has a higher boiling point.

Which has a higher melting point Neon or Argon?

Argon has the higher melting point.

Which has higher boiling point HCl or H2?

HCl has a higher boiling point.

Does chlorine or oxygen has higher boiling point?

Chlorine has higher boiling point.

Does CaO or CS2 have a higher melting point?

CaO has a higher melting point.

Why can an egg be dropped from a high point but not get broken?

? That is what I want to know?!? And also How high does an egg have to be dropped for the wind to affect it?

What fouls are there in table tennis?

if it doesn't bounce when someone hits it, and then you hit. then they get the point. when it bounces and goes off the side, then they get the point. :)

Can the ball bounce when you are playing volleyball?

No. If the ball touches the court, the point is automatically over.

Which of the following is not a key point of streching?

bounce the body while performing a stretch APEX:]