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Without a battery to work an automobile then the car would not get anywhere. The battery helps to run the car with moving all the parts that would be required to drive.

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Q: Why does a car require a battery to work properly?
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Motorcycle battery in car?

Why?? It is Too small and does not have enough cranking amps to work properly.

How does a electric car motor work?

Simply as the clock move it also produce motion by the power of the battery. In electric car the is a storage as battery that store the charge and when the car require it it acceleration to it

Why do i have to disconect car battery for car stereo to work again?

You may have to disconnect and recharge your car battery for your car stereo to work again.

We cleaned the battery terminal and now the car will not idle properly?

Cleaning the battery terminals had nothing to do with the engine not idling properly. Just a coincidence.

How do you repair the problem if car battery is not charging properly?

take the car to a repair shop and have them put a battery tester on it. it may be the alternator or the battery the tester will tell

Can you drive a car with the battery in backwards?

As long as the cables are connected properly.

Does a car have to be moving to charge the battery?

No , for the battery to be charged the engine must be running . This means that your alternator , if it's functioning properly , is charging the car's battery as the engine is on/running .

What kind of car battery does a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse require?


Will hazzards work on your car if your battery dies?

The hazard lights get their power from the battery so if the battery is dead they will not work.

Why is the battery on your car losing juice?

Most likely your alternator is not working properly.

Will jump starting a dead truck battery drain a car battery?

If the donor vehicle is running and has a properly functioning alternator, no.

Does the car battery effect the starter?

Yes, if the battery is weak it will not provide enough electrical energy to properly operate the starter.

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