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so your dna can replicate and keep your body functioning properly


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interphase is when a cell is preparing to reproduce. :)

A galvanished cell is a cell that can reproduce and a alkalised cell is a cell that can't reproduce

All growing cells reproduce by cell division.

A virus needs a host cell to reproduce, so it enters a host cell(living cell e.g bacteria) and releases genatic materials which enslave the the cell and reproduce.

come in to cell Division and that is how reproduce

no they reproduce as a virus or bacteria.

It can reproduce if it infected a host cell!

A cell can be reproduce by a host cell

They do reproduce but a virus can't reproduce outside of a host cell so the only thing in common really is that the virus needs a cell to reproduce

No,they do not. They reproduce by cell division. Cell division is when a micro organism divides itself into two.

They reproduce by cell splitting but can also reproduce in other ways too.

No, because for a virus to reproduce, it needs a cell to take energy and stuff from. When the cell is dead it moves on to another cell. It short, it is very hard for a virus to reproduce or multiply, without a host (e.g. a red blood cell).

only what cell develop into egg cell, reproduce cell

The pollen cell is used to reproduce.

they reproduce by to be specific Binary Fussion

Bacteria reproduce by cell division. They duplicate themselves.

Algae reproduce in a variety of ways. The simplest forms of algae reproduce by simple cell division. Others reproduce by spores, fragmentation or reproduce sexually.

Yes, to reproduce a virus must enter a host cell and take it over.

Two organisms that use cell division to reproduce are mushrooms and humans.

They reproduce by cell division. When the time comes for the cell to reproduce, it creates a duplicate set of DNA which then splits from the original - creating an exact copy.

Host cell it is a cell that virus use to reproduce themself.

He said that cells can reproduce cell

Prokariyotes do not reproduce sexually.They always reproduce asexually.

Chloroplasts have their own DNA.So they reproduce alone.

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