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Why does a computer need RAM?

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Most data is stored on the computers hard disk drive, but it can be quite slow to retrieve data from the hard drive. RAM, however is very quick when it comes to retrieving data, so the computer transfers programs and files into the RAM when they are in use.

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How can you increase RAM of a computer in your home?

to icrease the ram on your computer u only need to contact an IT specialist and get him to download some more ram

What is ram error?

when your computer uses up all the ram and you need more

How much RAM do you need for a gaming computer?

For a gaming computer you will need at least 4GB of RAM. Most people average 6GB for their gaming computers.

How do you format computer RAM?

You shouldn't need to. When a computer is restarted, the Random Access Memory (RAM) is reset, wiping it clean.

Does your computer have to have RAM?

Yes, RAM is important because it eliminates the need to "swap" programs in and out.

How much RAM will her computer need?

Now a days, you will need about 2GB

My computer has 512 ram but it's only operating with 226 ram what happened?

Your RAM card may have been damaged or have a virus.Look for a Computer Specialist if you need it fixed.

How do I clean out rams from computer?

RAM is Random Access Memory. It's kind of like a waiting room. It cleans it self out. You don't need to worry about your RAM. If your computer is running slow, you may need to get more RAM.

How do you clean up a ram from virus?

RAM is cleaned when you power off your computer. Your virus is not on the RAM, it is on the hard disk and moves from there into RAM when you start up your computer. You need to remove the virus from the hard disk and then reboot it to clean the RAM.

Do you need as much RAM memory as the movie you are watching on your computer?


Why do you need RAM?

You need RAM to be able to run any programs that are on your computer including using the web browser and the internet. Without it it would render a computer virtually useless and unusable.

GI have a geforce 8600 gt 512 ram will it work if you had a computer ram of 512 mb or do you need to get a new ram?

GeForce 8600GT 512MB has its own 512MB of Video Ram. Even if you computer had 256MB ram, Video card will work.

Why is there a RAM in your computer and how do you get it out?

RAM is memory the computer uses as working space. The computer doesn't have to search the entire Hard Drive to find what you're working on; the info is right there. To get out the RAM, you need to open up the case. The memory will be in sticks inside.

Can Age of Empires 3 work on a windows 7 laptop?

Yes it will work but you need to see how much ram your computer is and your games so if you have a game with 3 BG RAM and your computer is 2 BG RAM the game wont work so you need a high RAM to play games.

How do you find which type of RAM I need to add more memory to my computer?


How much RAM does a computer need in general?

a computer can have (basically) any amount of RAM.the more ram you have the better computer you will need in gerneral though, the max that is really reccomended is 16GB.if you are not playing games and its a computer that you use for personal use you need about 4GB tops. if its gaming then more than 8GB is reccomended but if you have less than you can use game boosters.RAM is short for random access memory, it randomly acceses the memory, the RAM is basically how fast your computer is (theres other factors too like your prosessor etc)

What is the best amount of RAM for a gaming computer?

The best amount of ram for a gaming computer would be 4GB of ram. World of Warcraft does not need much ram to run compared to other, more recent games. It is a fairly old MMO.

What is the ram of sa computer?

The amount of RAM depends on the computer.

Will a computer function without ram?

No, a computer uses RAM (Random Axcess Memory) to function. RAM also determines the speed of you're computer; the more RAM the faster he computer.

What you need to know before buying a new computer?

Depends what you are wanting the computer to do. If you want a gaming computer, you need to know the processor power, graphics card and how much RAM. As a home user, I look for what RAM, hard drive space and processor it has.

What is a heat spreader in ram and do you really need one in a gaming computer?

A heat spreader is used to help draw heat from your ram. The average computer user does not need a heat spreader, but someone that has a powerful gaming computer may benefit from using it.

You need to find out how much RAM is installed on a system?

In order to find out how much RAM is installed in a computer system, you will need to right click the my computer icon, and then click properties. When the window pops up, it will have the information containing the amount of RAM in addition to the processor speed.

What is an RAM speed?

RAM speed is how fast your computer goes. The more RAM, the faster your computer.

Do computer need same type of RAM?

Type must be right. Ram size and speed not as important although ram speed will be the the slowest stick speed

When purchasing a computer how do i know how much ram i will need?

3-4Gb of RAM is about all you need. more RAM will just go unused unless you are doing a lot of 3D modeling (which im guessing your not). Less than 3Gb is not recommended as it may slow down your computer and RAM is cheap enough. If you are buying a computer with a Core i7 processor, then make sure the amount of RAm is a multiple of 3 (3 or 6Gb)