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because they want to

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What is a reach around?

it is a sexual act with the male/female standing/lying behind there partner and sexually relieving them.

Who is the blonde in the 2012 Act sensitive mouthwash commercial?

She looks like Helen Slatershe looks like helen slater

Can you like someone But do not like their ways?

oh yes! i am one of those. like the looks, hat the way they act. ;)

Why is the poppet found in act important?

It looks like evidence that Elizabeth is a witch.

What does Shakira act in?

she did act in wizards of waverly place only once and that episode was called "dude looks like shakira"

If a girls act like a boy does it mean shes a lesbian?

No. She is only a lesbian if she's sexually attracted to other girls.

Why is the poppet found in act 1 important?

it looks like evidence that Elizabeth is a witch

Why would a male dog act like a female in heat?

it looses faith in itself !

What does the female act like when its pregnant on Nintendogs?

Well,your nintendog will act the same way as alwas.But the Female will get fatter.And after a while of being fat the mom will have a pup.Jest 1!Look on how do you breed nintendogs

How do crabs act?

how do female crabs act

What does sexually transmitted mean?

Sexually transmitted means it is virtually transmitted by a sexual act; such as vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

When is a female cat old enough to reproduce?

Females are usually sexually mature at around 5 - 6 months of age. One can usually tell as she'll begin to act much more affectionate to humans and make louder sounds that sound like she's crying.

What is an example of an aside in The Merchant of Venice?

"How like a fawning publican he looks!" Act 1 Scene 3

How do male guinea pigs act around female guinea pig?

Like guinea pigs.

Who is the female lead in the nutcracker?

In the first act of the Nutcracker, the female lead is Clara. The Sugar Plum Fairy is the female lead in the second act.

How do you look and act like Miley Cyrus?

if you wanna look like her go to see chloe wadsworth as she is the biggest fan and really looks like her no joke..

What are some clues in act 3 that romeo and Juliet are going to die in the end?

it just looks like it from the beginning

Why is Buizel called Buizel?

Bui: Buoyancy is the act of floating in water. Zel: Buizel looks like a Weasel.

Who is the opening act for Bon Jovi in Vancouver 2011?

According to the Bon Jovi official website, it looks like Dashboard Confessionals was the opening act in Vancouver 2011.

How do lesbians act in bed?

Affectionately, sensually and sexually (or so I'm told).

What warrior cat looks like one of their parents but doesn't act like them besides Brambleclaw?

I think leafpool acts calmer than her parents...

When a guy looks at you very closely does he like you?

really, it could mean anything. Has he been looking at you and act like he wanted to talk to you but did not? Then yes, he probably does.

What is hetereosexual?

The Act of a male or female liking the opposite sex. Men like women Women like men Another word is Straight.

Can you fall in love with someone who looks like you?

Yes. In fact its been said that humans are so naturally selfish that we are attracted to people like look like and/or act like us.

What are advantages of having a telephone as a form of communication?

telephone act like a great equalizer have personal looks and appearance is not important...

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