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flowers require lots of energy, leaves produces energy for plants

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Is Lily a flowering plant or a non-flowering plant?

yes I think so as there is flower Any plant with a flower is a flowering plant. Lily's have flowers, so they are flowering plants.

Is a daisy a flowering plant?

The daisy is the flower of the daisy plant, so yes the daisy plant is a flowering plant.

Is a daisey flower a flowering plant?

Yes the daisy is the flower on the daisy plant - so a daisy plant is a flowering plant.

Is bird's nest fern a flowering plant?

No, bird nest fern reproduce from spores so it is never a flowering plant

Why are stems leaves and roots called the vegetative part of a plant?

Because stems, roots and leaves form the main part of the plant body. So long the plant is growing all along these parts, it is the vegetative growth only. When flowering initiates the plant enters in to the reproductive stage.

Is bird nest fern a flowering plant?

No, bird nest fern reproduce from spores so it is never a flowering plant

Why are the leaves so important to a plant?

the leaves are so important to the plant because the leaves store away the water the plant needs to survive

Is a strawberry a flowering plant?

The flowers of a strawberry plant, once pollinated, will develop into the fruit known as strawberries. So at one stage it could be classed as a flowering plant.

Does a mimosa plant reproduce by spores?

No,it does not. It is a flowering plant and so it produces seeds. Spores are produced by non- flowering plants like ferns.

Why do all plants have so many leaves?

They make the food for the plant.

Is an apple an angiosperm or a gymnosperm?

An apple is a flowering plant, so it is an angiosperm.

How many leaves must the plant have so that it can make food?

Only one.

What is the advantage of seed production to a flowering plant?

If a flowering plant produces seeds as well as pollen, it has a much better chance of propagating. The range of dispersion is increased, so there is more likelihood that the plant will be able to reproduce.

What is the phylum of cactus plants?

The term that's synonymous with phylum, in the plant world, is division. So the phylum, or preferentially the division, of cactus plants is Magnoliophyta. It's the division for angiosperms, which also are called flowering plants. Flowering plants may develop from an embryo that has one or two leaves. A cactus is a dicotyledon, because it has two embryonic leaves.

How many types of fairies are there?

There is a different type of fairy for every species of flowering plant there is. So there are over a thousand different types.

Is zucchini an angiosperm?

An angiosperm is a flowering plant. Flowers produce fruits, and a zucchini is a fruit, so the plant is an angiosperm.

How many leaves does a marijuana plant have when barly growning?

Well if its sprouting and the leaves have just popped out it will look like an X so its like 4 leaves

Does the sunflower die after flowering or does it keep flowering annually?

The sunflower, Helianthus annuus is , as the name suggests an annual, so any plant growing next year is a seedling af the original plant.

How do leaves helps the plant?

The leaves on a plant help it because, this is were photosynthesis occurs. So in a sense without the leaves the plant would die because it wouldn't have any food.

Why does marijuana have so many seeds?

It must of somehow been pollinated during flowering... and or was a male plant. Female plants produce no seeds.

Are cushion plants flowering or non-flowering?

A cushion plant is one that spreads a mat-like in alpine or other harsh conditions. Some have flowers that are very showy so they attract pollinators.

Do leaves need water to grow?

A plant needs water to grow, very much so. I take it you meant the leaves on a plant and not just the leaves themselves.

What is the meaning of non-seasonal flowering?

Non seasonal flowering could mean two things: The plant is flowering outside of its normal flowering period. For example where Chrysanthemums are "forced" to flower outside of summer. Another meaning could be with respect to the term "seasonal"; annual plants are sometimes called seasonal, so non-seasonal plant could mean that its a perennial plant.

What part of the plant supplies the materials carried by the xylem?

The xylem carries patron from the ground to the leaves so that the plant can get drunk The xylem carries patron from the ground to the leaves so that the plant can get drunk

What is the role of a hummingbird in the life cycle of a flowering plant?

moving pollan to other plants so it can start the plant cycle again.

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