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Nissan blown fuseNot sure which engine control wire you are referring to but it sounds like there is a short to ground somewhere along the wire. Check the harness that runs along the top of the valve cover along fuel injectors. About 3/4 of the way back towards the firewall check the underside of the harness because there is a bolt that often rubs through the harness and shorts it out. I had this problem with my 1996 Nissan truck and a few wraps of electrical tape solved the problem. A Nissan mechanic said this is a common problem.

on my 85 Nissan,it came with a 30 amp fuse,ireplaced it with the right one that it calls for and it blew the fuse, so i put the 30 amp fuse back in and it works fine, that was 10 years ago, ihad my Nissan for 15 years.

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Q: Why does a fuse blow when you plug in the engine control wire on 1996 Nissan 4 cylinder pickup?
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