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A Game Warden has the most authority over any "peace officer" They can conduct a search of anything if they have probable cause to believe you committed a crime.They are police officers who enforce every law. They do not need a search warrant.

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It depends on the legislation of the country. Generally a game warden would not be allowed to do so

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Q: Why does a game warden not need a search warrant to enter a house?
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No persons house or property may be searched without?

a search warrant Also- I believe a Game Warden does not need a warrant.

Do you have to be present when a search warrant is executed if you own the home?

No. The warrant is their court approvedauthorization to enter and search.

If yr not at home can police enter a house without a search warrant?

Enter for what? To do what? For what reason? Question is too broad to answer. You need to state more specifics. no they cant enter your house without your permission unless they have a warrant

Does the day the judge signs the search warrant count?

Yes. In most places the search warrant is valid as soon as it is signed. Sometimes, law enforcement can be at your house, without a warrant, and they can enter and search your property based on a phone call, telling them the judge signed the warrant.

Do the US Marshals need a search warrant to enter your house while looking for someone you might know?

Yes. They need a warrant unless you give them permission to enter. It does not matter if you know the person or not, they either need a warrant or your permission to enter your house to search for anything including a person.

What does it take for the police to have a search warrant to enter your house today?

if they find illegal drugs or a unregistered gun in your car they can have permission to enter your home for the reason they have met you for

Can a policeman enter your house if you are not at home with a warrant?

It depends on where you went with the warrant.

If you are not the owner of the house you live in does the owner's name have to be on the search warrant?

No, a search warrant is issued for the search of a residence or building.

Can the police enter your house without you there?

The police can only search your house and property with a search warrant or with your permission. Contrary to the belief of most people, the police have no right to search your property for someone who does or doesn't live with you without a warrant.

In Texas can police enter a residence with misdemeanor arrest warrant when they are denied admission?

Police with an arrest warrant can enter the home of the person named in the warrant if they have reasonable grounds to believe he is on the premises. They can search the premises in any place the accused person would be able to hide (they couldn't for example, look in the drawers of a nightstand, because no one could hide there). Police have to get a search warrant to enter the house of a person other than the one named in the arrest warrant.

Do the time the search warrant is obtain have to be on the warrant?

No. It's not the police's job to show you the warrant as long as they have a valid one. By the time they leave your house you will have one posted on your door or given to you personally. As long as its it's a valid warrant i.e. at the department just authorized its ok. Your entitled to a copy of it which you will get during the search if it is not already present at the time of the search. When the enter your house at that specific time if any officer has a warrant its valid. If they enter your house in the process of getting a warrant under the assumption that they will receive one its invalid. Actually having the warrant at the scene during the time of entry is not required.

A search warrant was issued to your friend house and your truck was there can it be search?

No, because the warrant is for the house and house only. Although police officers would probably still search the vehicle, only to use the warrant as an excuse for an illegal contraband hunt.