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Heat pumps use a compressor to make the working fluid condense at a higher temperature.The compressor needs input energy.

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Q: Why does a heat pump need an external source of energy to heat a house?
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What is a source of external heat energy for the earth?

the sun? Yes, I am pretty sure the Sun is a major source of heat for the Earth

Where does the heat come from that turns into water vapor?

Any external heat source can provide the required energy.

A what is a reaction in which energy is absorbed?

Exothermic reaction

What is the source of earth's external heat?

the external heat is the sun

What is the source of the Earth's external heat?

the external heat is the sun

What type of energy is used to bake a cake?

Thermal energy because you are using heat. The thermal energy can be supplied by an external heat source or by electric it generating microwaves which excite the water molecules to produce heat.

What is the source of energy and heat?

The main source of energy and heat is the sun.

Is heat a source of energy?

A heat wave is a source of thermal energy.

What type of energy does a steam in power plant have?

There is actually several answers, depending on what you are looking for in your answer. Heat energy, the energy that is imparted to the steam from an external heat source. motive energy, the energy in the steam that moves it through the piping. internal energy, the energy that causes the steam to expand. external energy, the energy that the steam holds that can be used to heat or drive machinery. and entropy, the unuseable energy that is lost in any energy system, (loss to the universe).

Is fire a natural or artificial source of heat energy?

It is a natural source of heat energy

What items use heat energy.?

Cooking uses heat energy as the main source. It is the main activity that uses heat as a source of energy.

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The source of energy in stoves is HEAT ENERGY