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There have been cases of hermaphoditism in poultry, that is one bird that has both male and female organs. How the bird looks and acts is determined by which organs are dominate at that time.

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A hen IS a chicken. The female chicken as opposed to a rooster (male).The answer to your question is A hen chicken is used for laying eggs.

There is only one small difference between the eggs you buy from the grocery store and eat for breakfast and the eggs used to produce chicks. That difference is called a germinal disc. The eggs you buy from a store are not fertilized by a rooster and will never produce a chick. Fertile eggs come from a flock of chickens that have an active rooster mating with them. The germinal disc is so small it is almost invisible to the human eye.

The standard collective nouns for crows are:a horde of crowsa hover of crowsa murder of crowsa muster of crowsa parcel of crows

Yes, the comb of a rooster is used in the making of Synvisc because the proteins in it are much like the proteins produced in joint fluid. Synvisc is a medication used to treat pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee.

To scare crows away they do it because the people who made them make them look like people.

Crows are scavengers, so literally it means to die and be consumed by the crows. It was used by the Greeks the way we use "Go to Hell"

No The only time I have seen a rooster in a nesting box was when it was sick or injured. The nesting boxes are used for "nesting". Laying eggs or when brooding. The roosters do not do this. If you have a rooster doing this there is something wrong. He is either being harassed by another rooster in the flock or he is hurt or sick. It is easier to protect themselves from harm when in a "sheltered" place.

The breed of Rooster depicted on the Bantam Books and used as their logo is the Gallic Rooster or "coq gaulois" which is a symbol of France.

No. Eggs produced and sold in stores for general consumption are not fertilized and would not contain a forming chick. You could get a fertilized egg from a farmers market stand but hens used to lay eggs for eating are not kept with a rooster.

They don't lay their eggs in a nest like a bird. They lay their eggs on anything that can be used as a food source once the eggs hatch.

flipping things like pancakes...or you can make eggs with it (Albeit i make my eggs with a fork)

Unlike mammals the chicken can lay fertile eggs for up to 12 days after one mating. The roosters sperm is stored in the hen and used a little at a time. When introducing a new rooster to a flock of hens you should expect to wait two or three days for all the hens to be "serviced" however if you know for sure the rooster has mounted the hen once, you can be reasonably sure the egg laid tomorrow from that hen will be fertile.

Well it depends weather god choices it. It's called life get used to it.

Nothing. Eggs are special and can't be copied, just like snowflakes.

No Eggs you buy at the store have not been fertilized. Hens used to produce eggs for mass marketing never see a rooster. If you buy organic eggs there is a chance they are fertilized but most farms are careful not to allow the eggs to begin development. It takes from 36 to 72 hours for changes to take place in a fertile egg. Temperature and humidity must be correct and refrigerated eggs cannot start to become chicks.

it lives there or awhile and then it gets used to it and people point at it but the rooster thing doesnt care

Names often used are horde, hover, muster, parcel, with the most famous of them all being "a murder of crows".

yes you can eat crows During the (second) war years, my Father said that in the Highlands, they used to send baskets of crows down South! (Scotland to England) despite crows being scavengers!

Roosters used to father chicks are best used between the ages of 1 and 5, after the age of 3 they will begin to slow down, they never really stop doing the work they just don't do it as much.

Many different breeds of chickens are raised for their eggs. Some, like Orpingtons, are raised for both meat and eggs while others. such as the leghorn, are primarily used for eggs only.

Both are eggs that can be used for food but what you refer to as a "food egg" is an unfertilized egg. These are the eggs you find at most grocery stores. The chickens who lay these eggs do not ever mate with a rooster. Farm fresh eggs bought in small country stores and roadside stands are often fertilized eggs but are not allowed to incubate. They are collected daily and refrigerated before any chick development takes place.

Unless it's exceptionally hot, and/or the rooster is not used to heat, a rooster will usually not stop crowing, though his crowing may very well decline in the hottest hours of the day.

Depending on the recipe that was used, there could possibly be eggs in the cake-like cookie surrounding the ice cream.

Cock is the short form of the word cockerel which is a young immature rooster. The term cock is used for many species of male birds.

A broody hen is the term used when a hen is ready to sit on and hatch eggs, or is already sitting on eggs or has chicks. Basically, a hen in a 'mothering mood'. You can tell she's broody by the deep clucks she makes, her fluffing up her feathers and possibly squawking when anyone (including the rooster) comes near, desire to sit on eggs, and of course, if she already has chicks.

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