Why does a hibernating animals temperature drop?

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I would assume as a way of conserving energy. Kind of like a natural suspended animation.

Which animals hibernate?

Animals that Hiberante Below are just a few Examples: . Hamsters . Prairie Dogs . Dormouse . Fat tailed lemurs . Ground squirrels . Earthworms . Ladybird . Mosquit

How do animals respond to sudden drop in temperature?

Depending on the type of animal i.e. if the animal is cold or warm blooded; they respond differently. Cold blooded animals have to stay in the sunlight in order to ensure that

What animals hibernate and why?

Bats, frogs,snakes, ladybugs,amphibians, and turtles. When they hibernate their heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney function go down. They hibernate so they don't freeze to

What animal hibernates?

giraffes mice rats dead birds eagles and you duhhh u could of answer it on your on

Why does an animal hibernate?

Summer and Spring are filled with food for both predators and herbivores. Autumm is when plants begin to wilt ( and crops ), so this is when animals try to find, and eat the s

Which animals hibernate and how?

Some well known mammals that hibernate are bears, bats and ground squirrels. Reptiles such as snakes, turtles and frogs also hibernate, but this differs from traditional hib

How do hibernating animals avoid starvation and cope with freezing temperatures?

Warm Blooded Animals:. Hibernating animals build up fat reserves before the big 'sleep'. The fat is slowly consumed to keep up a regular metabolic state. Their metabolism wil
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Does an animals body temperature drop during hibernation?

some animals their body temperature does drop along with their breathing rate, during hibernation. In hedgehogs if their body temperature drops below a certain point (it is n