Why does a hibernating animals temperature drop?

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I would assume as a way of conserving energy. Kind of like a natural suspended animation.

Why do animals hibernate?

Animals hibernate durring the winter because of shortage of food. Because in the winter, there is no food for them to find, and some would not be able to stay warm. So they hibernate/ sleep through winter. Hibernation is a process in which an animal's body temperature is lowered and its heartbe ( Full Answer )

What animals hibernate?

All bears EXCEPT Spectacled, Panda, and Sun Bears hibernate. AlsoPolar Bears do not really hibernate. They get up during the winterto eat. Chipmunks, ground squirrels, echidnas, possums, hedgehogs,hamsters, skunks, bats, prairie dogs, marmots, badgers, and somelemurs.

Which animals hibernate?

Animals that Hiberante Below are just a few Examples: . Hamsters . Prairie Dogs . Dormouse . Fat tailed lemurs . Ground squirrels . Earthworms . Ladybird . Mosquitoes . bats . snakes . lizards . hedhogs . butterflies . polar bears

How do animals hibernate?

They store food for the winter and then they sleep all winter in a cave or something. Eating and sleeping.

How animals hibernate?

Hibernating slows down their bodily functions such as digestion and heartbeat, as well as their metabolism, or how they turn food and fats into energy, so that they can go a whole season without eating. In order to prepare for this, the animal usually will gorge itself to build up a store of fats an ( Full Answer )

What north American animals hibernate?

Animals in North America that hibernate include types of bears andsnakes, as well as bats. Bees also hibernate all winter, especiallythe queens.

Which animal hibernate?

the animal that hibernates is a bear, and they do that to conserve food and water, to make our world better place, eat pie, chips, and cheese cake.

Why do animals hibernate in the winter?

Animals usually hibernate because it gets too hard to find food. Hibernation/sleeping means they'll be using less energy, so theycan use that to survive until there's food available again.

What does an animal hibernating mean?

\nHibernation is when an animal enters a deep coma-like sleep in which they use very little energy, live off the fat they have stored and pass the winter months.

How many animals hibernate?

lots of animals hibernate during the winter . The animals are woodchucks,hedgehogs,ground squirrels,hamsters, and bats.

Animals in the rainforest hibernate?

Animals in the rainforest should not be hibernating because animals that need to hibernate do because of the cooler weather and shortage of food in the winter time. They sleep in order to save their energy to last until spring.

How do animals respond to sudden drop in temperature?

Depending on the type of animal i.e. if the animal is cold or warm blooded; they respond differently. Cold blooded animals have to stay in the sunlight in order to ensure that they get enough heat, while warm blooded animal may take the same action as cold blooded one or regulate their own body temp ( Full Answer )

What animals hibernate and why?

Bats, frogs,snakes, ladybugs,amphibians, and turtles. When they hibernate their heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney function go down. They hibernate so they don't freeze to death. Rabbits hibernate also.

What animal hibernates?

giraffes mice rats dead birds eagles and you duhhh u could of answer it on your on

Why animals hibernate?

In places where the winter is cold, some mammal species have developed this defense against it. Their metabolism slows down while they wait out a period where their usual food will not be available. They do not eat much, and only from their stored food. They do not actually sleep throughout the whol ( Full Answer )

Why does an animal hibernate?

Summer and Spring are filled with food for both predators and herbivores. Autumm is when plants begin to wilt ( and crops ), so this is when animals try to find, and eat the scraps that are left. Winter however is icy cold, with all plants dead. So prededers and some herbivores hibernate (sleep unti ( Full Answer )

Which animals hibernate and how?

Some well known mammals that hibernate are bears, bats and ground squirrels. Reptiles such as snakes, turtles and frogs also hibernate, but this differs from traditional hibernation because the metabolic processes are different. It is called brumation, and just means the reptile is less active, or ( Full Answer )

How do hibernating animals avoid starvation and cope with freezing temperatures?

Warm Blooded Animals:. Hibernating animals build up fat reserves before the big 'sleep'. The fat is slowly consumed to keep up a regular metabolic state. Their metabolism will slow down, along with their heart rate and breathing. This slow consumption of fat keeps them from starving (they don't nee ( Full Answer )

What temperature do wasps hibernate?

Once the temperature goes below fifty degrees wasps start to havean issue with flying. As it dips to lower points below fiftydegrees the colony begins to dye off leaving the queen to find aplace to hibernate for the winter.

What do animals hibernate?

loads of animals hibernate like ... Badger Bat Bear Bee Blackfish Butterfly Chipmunk Echidna Frog Gila Monster Gopher/Ground Squirrel Groundhog/Woodchuck Ground Squirrel/Gopher Hamster Hedgehog Jerboa Ladybird Lizard Marmot Mosquito Moth Mouse Poorwill P ( Full Answer )

Do animals in Europe hibernate?

Some do, but there are a lot of different kinds of animals inEurope, and not all of them have a hibernation cycle.

What do animals eat when they hibernate?

They dont eat when they hibernate, they spend a long time before the winter eating as much food as possible so when they sleep they have a lot of fat so they do not die. hope this helpde :) Jasmine

Which animals hibernate during the summer?

a polar bear hibernates in the summer unlike its cousins the black bear the forages for food during summer ready to hibernate in the winter :)

Why do animals either migrate or hibernate?

Well I know why they migrate: because they want t go to a place that's warmer Not all animals either migrate or hibernate. Some just stay where they are and carry on with what they're doing. Migration is when animals move from one place to another, while hibernation is a dormant state. They are ( Full Answer )

What signals animals to hibernate?

when it gets cold out (winter season). They may also respond todecreasing amounts of sunlight as the days shorten.

Do desert animals hibernate?

That would depend upon the climate of the particular desert. Inmost hot deserts, mammals usually do not hibernate but cold bloodedanimals, such as snakes and lizards do. Some cold blooded animalsgo through a summer estivation (summer hibernation) period duringthe really hot and dry parts of the year ( Full Answer )

Why do birds migrate and animals hibernate?

Birds such as Geese and Ducks migrate due to the cold tempuraturesin the Northern states, causing the lakes and rivers to freezeover, making it impossible to land on the water to reach their mainand almost only source of food, weeds and small fish. Birds such asRobins migrate because their main diet ( Full Answer )

What happens to animals when they go into hibernation?

When in hibernation, an animal would rest(sleep) in it's habitat until it is spring. Once in hibernation, the animal's heart rate slows down. That way, the animal can save more fat to be warm during the cold winters night.

How do animals know when to stop hibernating?

They have a part in their brain which is like a natural clock that is wired in they wake up in spring. How did they know winters coming and to collect food, natural clocks.

Why do animals migrate and hibernate?

Let's say you're an animals that eat insects, and you're somewhere where winter means snow, ice and serious cold. Not many insects around then. To keep from starving one method is to simply move (=migrate) to where winter isn't as bad, and where there are still bugs to eat. If you can't move fast an ( Full Answer )

What does the word hibernate mean of animals?

The meaning of hibernate is when a animal is awake during a season/seasons and then they hibernate (sleep for awhile). Like a bear will hibernate during winter and be awake most of the time in summer

How do animals survive when hibernating?

A hibernating animal such as a bear for example will have to find enough food during the spring, summer and autumn to build up fat reserves in its body to survive the winter. Bears are also known to wake up during there hibernation period to find food. I hope this was helpful.

What do hibernating animals survive on?

They actually survive on nothing. They eat so much that all the food they eat will be enough for the hibernating winter. Especially bears and squirrels. They also depend on their fat from the food as heat and warmth.

How do animals prepare for migration and hibernation?

Migration Animals satisfy their full before migrating to other countries or islands. They make sure everyone is healthy before the flock flies off. Any bird, or insect who is not in a good condition will stay behind, be left behind, or faint while flying. Hibernation The same thing between migrat ( Full Answer )

Does an animals body temperature drop during hibernation?

some animals their body temperature does drop along with their breathing rate, during hibernation. In hedgehogs if their body temperature drops below a certain point (it is not known what temperature as its different in all hedgehogs) they will use some of their body fat to start shaking to warm up ( Full Answer )

What animals hibernate in Michigan?

Michigan does not have many animals that truly hibernate in thewinter months. The few animals that do hibernate are the groundsquirrels, some species of mice, woodchucks, and bats.

What are the characteristics of a hibernating animal?

Hibernating animals are in a deep sleep and usually have slower than normal breathing, and lower body temperatures. If an animal is in a "true" hibernation state, he can be moved around, touched, and still not wake up.

What must animals do when preparing to hibernate?

Two basic ways is either by storing food (squirrels storing acorns,etc), or putting on body fat (bears eating heavily in Autumn tofeed on the body fat while sleeping over the Winter).

What happens to an animal physically when it hibernates?

Firstly, an animal reacts to the weather, which tells it whetherwinter is coming or not and whether or not it should prepare forhibernation. If the signs foretell winter is on its way, theanimal, lets say a toad, goes to find somewhere which is warm,sheltered and possibly hidden (away from predators ( Full Answer )

What happens to an animal when it hibernate?

Hibernation is an inactive, sleep-like state for extended periods that some animals enter during extreme winters to remain alive without food for long periods. The body temperature of a hibernating animal is lower than normal. Also its heartbeat and breathing slows down considerably. In winters whe ( Full Answer )