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Q: Why does a light bulb get lit up by a lemon?
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Does a lemon or apple have a higher pH level to light up a light bulb?

A lemon has a lower pH due to its higher acidic quality

Why do you think salt water can light the bulb but distilled water cannot?

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How can you learn whether or not a material can conduct electricity?

You need a battery, a light bulb, and three pieces of copper wire, as well as the thing you want to test. Create a circuit by connecting each object to two others with the copper wire. Place one end of a copper wire on the positive side of the battery, the other end on the bottom of the light bulb. With the second wire, connect one end to the side of the metal part of the light bulb (where you see the ridges), and the other end to the object. With the last wire, connect one end to the object and the other end to the negative side of the light bulb. If the light bulb lights up, then the object is conducting electricity. If you have a large light bulb, it won't show as much light, or maybe no light at all, even if you have a conductive material. It is better to use a smaller light bulb for smaller batteries, so you can see the light.

Can you light up a bulb using salt and water?

Aqueous solution of salt and water serves as electrolyte which acts as conducting medium.

Why do lightbulbs get so hot?

The main component of an incandescent light bulb is the metal filament (the spiral). The filament is heated up by the AC current, when the lamp is turned on. The heat excites the metal ions so much that they radiate energy in the form of light. The spectrum of the radiation spans from visible (the warm light you can see) to invisible (infrared, which is heat). Heat is really infrared emission, which is still 'light' in physics terms.

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How big does a lemon have to be to light up the light bulb?

normal size

How big does a lemon have to be to light up a light bulb?

normal size

Does a lemon or apple have a higher pH level to light up a light bulb?

A lemon has a lower pH due to its higher acidic quality

How did the bulb feel after lit up 2 minutes?

bulb feel after being lit up for 2 minutes

Is the light bulb that Thomas Edison invented still lit to this day?

It was invented in 1879, so no one really knows if it is still lit up or not.

How can a make a lemon light up a light bulb?

lemon can power a light bulb b'coz lemon contains citric acid which can serve as an electrolyte if the connections r complete it undergoes elecrolysis & sets up an electrolytic cell.

What does the symbol on the dashboard of a 2001 ford wind star that looks like a light bulb mean?

One of the exterior bulbs has burned out if the warning light that looks like a light bulb ( located below your engine temperature gauge ) has lit up

What did the new light bulb say to the old light bulb?

your not very bright... im just guessing

How can an electric bulb can be lighted by the energy produced by a single lemon?

Lemons don't usually produce electricity. It would be quite tricky to convert the small amount of energy available in a lemon to electricity. Nor would it be worthwhile; you would probably get a few seconds or minutes of electricity, at most. That is why lemons can produce enough electricity to light a small LED bulb. But a simple experiment can be done by taking a fresh lemon, a small LED bulb and a conducting wire. If you connect the lemon with the wires and the bulb, the bulb will light up for a few mnutes. This happens because lemon which has citric acid helps in electrolysis.

Is the Stadium of Light always lit up?

No it is not lit up all day.

Are lemons and other assorted fruits good enough to power up a light bulb just because of the citric acid or electrolytes in fruit. are fruits the best to use to power up a light bulb?

you know the lemon doesn't work because there isn't enough power to power a ligt bulb.

What elements light up a light bulb?

argon is an element that make up a light bulb