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A log will float in water because a log is less dense than water. If you take any number of objects/substances that don't mix immidiately (ex: water, molasses, oil, ice, a cork and/or a rock) and put them in a container together the items will settle into layers by density (salad dressing does this too). The bottom layer will be the most dense and the top will be the least. You can actually do this experiment yourself with a clear drinking glass as the container. Interesting factiod: Not all wood floats in water. There are a few types of wood (Ebony, Lignum Vitae) that are denser than water and therefore do not float.

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Why does large log float on water?

because its gravity and it allows the log to float

Why does a log float?

An object will float on water if it has less density than the water. Or than any other liquid on which it is supposed to float.

How is a log able to float in a river?

It is lighter than water.

Will oak log float in water?

Yes, the density of wood (Oak) is less than water.

What happends to a log if the density of water is decreased?

A log? As in a log that came from a tree, right? If the density of water was decreased enough, such that it is now lower than a log's density, then the log would no longer float, but sink.

Can you tell why large log of wood floats on water but steel needle sinks?

Actually, the steel needle can float on water as well, so long as the surface tension is not broken. Answering the question, the buoyancy (ratio of density to that of displaced water) causes the log to float.

Why a large log of wood float on water but a steel needle sink?

The water extracted by the wood log while floating is of equal weight of the wood or more. For this reason, the log of wood floats while a steel needle sinks.

Why does a log of wood sink in water?

Doesn't always, depends on amount of air inside, if it is less dense than water, it will float.

Why people do not sink in saline water?

People do not sink in Saline water as the salt makes the water heavy and like a log of wood people float in water.

Explain why clip can float on water?


Why does a heavy log float?

Because of the density

What can float in the water?

A boat can float on the water, and a submarine can float in the water.

Can jeremejevite float on water?

Jeremejevite does not float on water.

What sediments float in water?

What sediment float in the water

Can a bowling ball float on water?

They float in water.

Does gravel float in water?

no gravel does not float on water.

Which substances will float on water?

Oil and

Can liquid water float on water?

Water does not float on more water. Water combines into ... water.

Do porcupines float in water?

Yes porcupines do float, all porcupines float in water

Which rocks float on water?

Rocks that float on water: pumice. Rocks that do not float on water: all other rocks.

Does the element Iron float or sink in water?

yes iron does float in water yes iron does float in water

Can Granite float in water?

in order for granite to float on water, it has to be lighter than water. because if its heavier than water, it will not float!

Will a body organ float in water?

Well not all organs can float, but lungs can float on water

Is tent can float in water?

There are tents designed to Float in water. But not all tents designed to float.

Do bananas float in water?

Yes, bananas do float in water.