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I don't think most of us can define love (never been done in history yet.) This man is very fearful of commitment. He's probably a very good man, confused, and what you have to tell him is "This sort of relationship isn't good enough for me and we have to talk and decide what we are going to do about it." You aren't giving him any reason to fight for your affections. Many men are afraid of commitment, so yes, it makes sense .. he's going through a battle within his own mind. He loves you, but for some reason he's afraid to get too serious and there are reasons so you have to communicate and help him through these fears if you love him. Either he loves you and your relationship continues or you have to move on and find someone that does love you and is not afraid of commitment. Time to have a good sit-down talk together and start communicating more. Men are not great communicators so women have to start that particular rev of the engine. Good luck Sounds like he's a keeper! Marcy

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Set boundaries and stick to them. If he says he doesn't care for you then don't let him continue to use you.

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Q: Why does a man say he can't love and doesn't want you anymore yet continues to care for you and make love to you?
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