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Not braided, but twisted

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Do narwhals fight?

Narwhals can "Tusk," or rub their tusk against others, sort of like fencing.

Do girl narwhals have a tusk?

All narwhals have a tusk emerging from the left side of their mouth, both male and female.

Do narwhals shed their tusks?

No, the narwhals tusk is actually an extended tooth.

How big is a narwhals tusk?

believe it or not, a narwhal's tusk is only 3 inches.

How do narwhals kill their prey?

by killing with its with its tusk

Why are narwhals in endanger?

They get hunted by fishermen for there "tusk"

How long can narwhals live for?

i dont know but i do know the narwhals tusk is a horn from the unicorn!

Do narwhals communicate with there tusk?

no they communicate with a variety of sounds

Why does a narwhal have a tusk?

Narwhals don't have a "tusk" the facial horn is actually a tooth that has grown through the lip.

How do narwhals protect themselves from enemies?

they protect them self's with the tusk,

Do narwhals have teeth?

Basically, it's tusk is it's only tooth.

How does a narwhals tusk help them in their environment?

It helps by when the ice is thin the tusk can break through the ice, and the tusk can help when males are fighting over a girl in breeding season

Why can narwhals not exist in captivity?

they can.. the only problem is the amount of space needed for their tusk.

Who is king of the narwhals?

The narwhal with the largest tusk is usually the one in charge of a pod.

How big can a narwhals tusk get?

english. 6'1'' asian. 5'0'' african. 9'7''

Why are narwhals dangerous?

Narwhals are dangerous because of their frontwards projecting tusk. The tusk actually is a tooth. It grows, long and sharp, out of the upper incisor. It may measure 2-3 meters/7-10 feet in length.

How many meters in length are narwhals?

from 3 to 5 meters long not including the tusk

What are the two tusks of a narwhal?

Most narwhals have just the one 'tusk', and it is actually a tooth. One in 500 males have two tusks, but the skull has a double tusk'.

Why are narwhals so cool?

They live in the Arctic and they have a single (tusk) horn, much like the unicorn.

How does a baby narwhal look?

Baby narwhals [Monodon monoceros] are recognizable as narwhals. It's just that they're darker, much smaller versions of their parents. But if they're male, they're not born with the hallmark tusk growing out through their upper jaw. That grows as they develop.

Are there such things as unicorn fish?

Not exactly. There is a such creature as a narwhal. Male narwhals have a tusk that resembles the fabled horn of a unicorn. Narwhals, however, are neither unicorns nor fish. They are whales.

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