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because when you is exercising, you are working and breathing hard. when you are sleeping, (unless youre dreaming about exercising) then your body is dormant and not doing anything (except in the case of a wet dream, that, however, is a totally different subject that i am not going to get into.) hope this answers your question.

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Why does a person breathe faster when exercising?

This is because your body is trying to get oxygen into your body faster so that the parts involved in the exercise can function

What are the short term effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system?

always after exercising, you will inhale and exhale ( breathe in and breathe out ) a lot faster than usual. this shows that you have a faster heart rate and that your blood pressure is rising, also shows that your body temperature is rising to.

What happens in a Valsalva maneuver?

During this maneuver, a person performs the "breathe-in-bear-down" movement that is automatically performed during strenuous exercise

What is the effect of exercise in your breathing?

A person often gets tired when exercising, so they breathe harder than normal.

Why does a person breath faster during exercise than during sleep?

To do work, energy is required. This is got mainly through aerobic respiration in the form of ATP. During respiration, therefore, respiratory rate has to be increased. This is done bey larger supply of oxygen.

Is a taller person faster than a smaller person?

Longer limbs do create a potential to be faster. But many other factors such as health, age, and exercise, will also influence the speed of a given individual.

What chemical does the body generate during regular exercise?

It is important to exercise in order to remain healthy. When a person does exercise their body produces the chemicals called endorphins.

How fast does the average person walk during exercise?

Four miles an hour.

What is the hypothesis of Does exercise the breathing rate of a person?

Excercising strengthens your heart as it must pump faster to get blood to your working muscles.

Why do you breathe deeper during exercise?

Proper breathing while exercising is very important. A person breathes deeper while exercising because their muscles need more oxygen, which means more blood cells need oxygen to carry to the persons muscles.

Can person do exercise during periods?

Yes. If you're uncomfortable with vigorous exercises, do moderate ones...but you can.

Why is there an increase in respiratory rate after exercise?


Why does a person not have to be a good athlete to be physical fit?

There are many forms of exercise that do not involve competition. You don't have to win a game, or even play a game, to get exercise. For example, even if you do not walk faster or for a greater distance than other people do, walking is still good exercise.

Who is faster a person or a cheetah?

A cheetah, unless the person is driving a jaguar - then the person is faster!

What happens to your heart rate and blood pressure during light exercise?

Depending on how light or heavy exercise is will depend on the change that occurs. Typically during exercise heart rate will increase. This is in order to increase blood flow to the working muscles to allow for increased respiration - in order for the muscles to work efficiently. Therefore the more strenuous the exercise, the more your heart rate will increase. Blood pressure will also increase during exercise and again depends on intensity levels. During exercise such as running/cycling/swimming systolic pressure will increase progressively whereas diastolic pressure will increase only slightly. During weight lifting exercises, both systolic and diastolic pressures will rise. Obviously these effects will vary from person to person, depending on age, gender, exercise level, exercise intensity etc. etc.

What is met?

Medabolic equivalents or METs are units used to measure the amount of oxygen a person consumes during exercise.

Can a person exercises after getting a tattoo?

You can, but if you have it in a place the will stretch alot during exercise then wait until it has fully healed.

What does isokinetic mean?

Exercise with possible varying resistance and a fixed maximum speed. In exercise terms it is a motion during which the speed is set and the resistance is variable. If the person does not achieve the pre set speed the exercise is classed as isotonic

What normally stimulates a person to breathe?


Why does a person breathe faster and deeper when exercising?

As the muscles burn up calories (energy), they need to enable an increased supply of oxygen (air). So, breathing faster and deeper compensates for the effort involved. Training also means that the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles of a very fit person, is got rid of quicker the fitter a person is.

Would a fatter person land faster than a skinny person?

fatter person land faster

Should I exercise during Ramadan?

During Ramadan the person is allowed to exercise. It is allowed, I mean it's not forbidden or anything. I suggest exercising near maghrib time just so you won't lose the water inside you and you'd have energy to last you during the first half of the day.

If a person doesn't exercise will they get blue veins and Can they die?

Not every person who doesn't exercise will get blue veins

Does the breathing muscle tire quickly during exercise?

The muscle used for breathing is the diaphragm, and no it does not tire easily (if it did a person could die from lack of oxygen from a simple workout). However, it CAN cramp up during exercise if one breathes too fast.

How does a plant help a person?

PLants help people many ways. they breathe in carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out. they breathe out oxygen, which is what we breathe in. without plants, we'd die from suffocation.