Why does a polastyreane cup feel warm?

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A polystyrene cup feels warm because it is a poor conductor of heat. This means that heat is not transferred easily from the outside of the cup to the inside and the cup is unable to dissipate the heat quickly. Instead the heat generated by the liquid inside the cup is trapped making the cup feel warm to the touch.

The material of a polystyrene cup is designed to insulate meaning it does not easily transfer heat. This means that heat generated by the liquid inside the cup is retained causing the cup to feel warm to the touch. Other materials such as metal or ceramic are much better conductors of heat and are better able to dissipate heat quickly.

The following characteristics of polystyrene make it a poor conductor of heat:

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High resistance to heat transfer
  • Low thermal diffusivity

When a polystyrene cup is filled with a hot liquid the heat of the liquid is not easily transferred out of the cup making it feel warm to the touch. This is why polystyrene cups are often used for hot beverages.

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Q: Why does a polastyreane cup feel warm?
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