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A pumped ball has more air in it to bounce. A flat ball has little air, and has no pressure to bounce off of.

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Q: Why does a pumped ball bounce higher than a flat ball?
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Related questions

Why does a ball bounce higher than others?

it will bounce higher if there is more air. ex. Flat basketball- being flat, the ball will just hit the floor and will be pressed inwards on the spot it landed pumped basketball- being full of air, the ball hits the ground and like a flat basketball is pressed inwards. but because there's air in it, the air will make the ball retain its shape and bounce.

Why does a ball bounce higher when it has more air?

Yes. It make it bounce higher because without air it is flat so it won't bounce at all

Will a ball bounce higher on grass or on asphalt?

In comparison, a ball will bounce higher on asphalt than grass. The reason is that asphalt is provides a flat and stiffer surface than grass.

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.

On which surface does a table tennis ball bounce higher?

flat, because of the root of the ball is lite and the strength of the bumby is out of the range so it is a quarter as much as the flat

What will bounce higher a cold tennis ball or a hot tennis ball?

Hot because when the ball is hot it has more pressure as if it were cold then it would be kind of flat. :)

Will a basketball bounce higher on a flat surface or a rocky surface?

the basketball will most likely bounce higher on a flat surface

Why does a ball bounce higher on floor than rug?

Because the cushion of the rug slows the impact of the ball hitting the floor, but the floor is flat and hard so then the ball doesn't have anything to be cushioned with and bounces back up.

Will a flat ball bounce high?

In term, the shaped of a ball are already circled. If you see any balls are flat, then anybody can't give your answer... ;-)

Which surface will a ball bounce higher on?

something hard.. like concrete rather than carpet. also on a flat and smooth surface and don't forget that if a ball comes in contact with any of its surrounds it will decrease the height.

How does temperature changes elastic properties of tennis ball?

If the weather is cold the ball may harden and become stiff, this makes the ball have less pop and results in a slower playing ball. If the weather is warm then the ball will become more elastic and bounce higher. If the ball is sat outside for extended periods of time the constant cooling and warming of the ball will cause the rubber to lose its form and become flat with no bounce.

Will more air inside of a basketball make it bounce higher?

yes it will imangine a flat basketball will it bounce? not at all.

Why do some tennis balls bounce higher than others?

Tennis balls die! A tennis ball is pressurized, Over time the pressure is released. = to a flat tire or basket ball.

What is the differences between a flat basketball and a regular basketball?

A flat ball doesn't have a lot of air in it, so it doesn't bounce that well, where as a full basketball has less resistance, and therefore bounces higher. Basically, the difference is the amount of air in the basketball.

Air pressure effect on the distance a soccer ball travels?

the more air that is in the ball is how far it will travel, for example a flat ball will not travel as far as a pumped ball. why? because the bounciness of the ball would not be used when it is not pumped however this is not really so as if a ball is pumped up to the point that it is hard it will not travel as far as it would if you released some of the air out of it. every ball that needs air to work has an optimal psi if a ball is pumped to that psi it will travel by far the best than below or above.

How can i test if my soccer ball is pumped up enough?

check if it bounces, if not its flat! hope I helped second answer: If you put pressure on it with your feet or fingers, the ball should give in a little, but not much. Another way you can test it is if you raise the ball to your head, then drop it on firm grass, the ball should bounce back up around half your height.

Do golf balls bounce higher than most balls?

it depends on the ground. for example on gravel, the small golf ball might hit some small rocks on the side and knock them away, which reduces its energy. it also might bounce of at a very flat angle, rolling over the ground and not bouncing at all. while a larger ball like a basketball will not be affected in that way by the small stones and will jump higher than the golf ball. but on a very flat and hard surface the golfball might jump higher. but the bounce height of the basketball depends heavily on the air pressure inside it. so... there are too many factors to consider. also what does "most balls" mean?

What surface do basketballs bounce more on concrete grass or tile?

A basket ball would bounce more on concrete depending on how flat the surface if not maybe tile

What are the effects of air pressure on volleyballs?

One might compare this to various objects, such as a pillow and a brick. Say you threw a tennis ball against a pillow, it wouldnt bounce very far. However if you threw it at the brick, it would bounce further. By your question i assume you mean to say the effects on how it bounces. So to answer the question, if the ball is flat, it would bounce less, as it is a softer surface, (much like the pillow) and if it is harder, it would bounce more and higher, (much like the ball off of the brick). Not sure if this helped!

What surface does a ball bounce best on?

the ball bounces best on a smooth,flat and hard surface

Your partner and you are doing your project on how can the temperature affect how high a tennis ball bounces?

i am not sure but when it gets hot balls tend to expand and preforme like flat balls but when its cold balls usually contract and get tighter and bounce higher.

How fast will a tennis ball loose its bounce?

It depends. A shot with backspin will drop a lot faster then a topspin or flat shot.

Why will a tennis ball bounce higher when released from a higherpoint?

The short answer is that mechanical energy, which is the sum of gravitational potential energy (= mgh) and kinetic energy (= 1/2 * mv^2) must remain constant as the ball drops. By dropping the ball from a higher point, you're increasing the value of mgh, thus giving it more energy with which to bounce back up.By simplifying the problem with assumptions (no friction/air resistance, perfect elasticity, instantaneous impulse, etc.) it can be shown that a ball dropped from height "H" will accelerate as it descends downwards, bounce off a flat surface, decelerate as it ascends back upwards and exactly reach its original height "H".

Why do rubber balls bounce high?

the gravity and force of the rubber has a slow motion part of the rubber ball will go flat and that forces the rubber ball to go up. you know what i mean?

Ball bouncing dynamics?

There are many sports that use a ball, believe it or not but balls have a long history and can be used in various ways. Bouncing is basically the main source to a ball. The question is "what makes a ball bounce". Let's say you were to drop a ball in slow motion, video tape it, or watch the ball closely, you would actually see the ball change its shape. When the ball hits the ground it flattens. Then when the ball comes up it returns to its original shape, this is because of forces and energy. When you drop a ball gravity pulls it toward the floor, the ball gains energy of motion, acknowledged as kinetic energy. When the ball hits the floor and stops that energy has to go "somewhere." The energy goes into deforming the ball-from its original round shape to a squashed shape. When the ball deforms its molecules are stretched apart in certain places, but in other places the molecules are squeezed together. I believe that other than gravity the ball bouncing flat is what helps the ball bounce back up. Does how much air that is in a ball change how high, low, fast, or slow the ball bounces? How much air in a ball does have a great affect on the ball. If you have no air in your ball, how will it bounce back up? When you let the ball go to hit the ground the ball is suppose to bounce back up, but if you have "no'' air in your ball and you let it go the ball might change the shape but it wouldn't bounce back up to you. If you were to have a lot of air in your ball then when you are letting the ball go, the ball will bounce back up and down, a lot of the times a human only has to bounce a ball once for it to bounce at least 3-6 times on its own.