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Why does a rabbit's urine smell really bad?


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doesn't all urine smell bad?

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Yes, rabbits do have a smell, but if the rabbit is spayed/neutered, and if the habitat (especially litter box) is kept clean, you'll hardly ever notice it. The rabbits themselves don't really smell, but their cage does -- clean the cage often and it will be fine.

urine smells bad because it contains the waste products of your body. waste products dont really smell very good.

Yes, definitely. Penicillin really makes mine honk.

no, they small kinda bad.

If you don't keep their litter clean then, yes, rabbits do have a bad smell. If you clean the litter every day or two then, no, rabbits do not have a smell. Spayed/neutered rabbits also tend to smell less than rabbits that haven't been altered. If your rabbit is dehydrated, his/her urine will also smell stronger. Make sure your rabbit drinks plenty of water, not just for the smell but also for his/her health. See the related questions below for more info about caring for rabbits, and helpful links!

males would have a scent but no they dont have a musky smell but when wet they will

My urine smells reaaly bad what can be caese it

you ate something bad tasting or smelling

Really bad. It is said to smell like very very strong urine (which is what it is). Some describe it smelling like sewage.

No but antibiotics will.

When your urine has a smell, it is usually due to your diet. Certain things that you intake such as food, medications, drugs, etc. can have an effect on the color and smell of your urine.

"Usted huele muy mal" is "you smell really bad" in Spanish.

Turkey giblets have a unique smell, but should not really smell bad or rotten while cooking them. If they smell really bad, the meat may not be good any longer.

really bad dont smell it

What makes you think that girls urine smells any better

I think it is the chemical Ammonia

Oh its not good at all, they smell like rotten eggs or really really bad like the mushroom farm.

No, a rabbit's droppings don't smell bad.A rabbit's urine does start to smell bad once it sits for awhile, because it grows ammonia. If you keep your rabbit's area clean, the litter won't smell bad.Another reason a rabbit's litter might smell bad is if the rabbit is sick or dehydrated. Rabbits are generally clean animals and they don't smell. If your bunny smells, you should bring him to the vet to find out why, and to treat any illness or health problem. See the related questions below for more info and links.

no! they can't it's really really really bad for them

The urine shows a characteristic odor that is caused by the presence of urea. The higher the concentration, the stronger is its smell. In most cases, a bad smelly urine indicates a insufficient diluted urine. In general, it appears as a dark yellow urine.

It doesn't really have a "bad" smell, but it does smell much like tin and other metals. It doesn't smell as bad as rusting tin, since it doesn't contain iron.

Cat urine can stain clothing and smell bad, some people can actually be allergic to cat urine. Cat urine will not make you blind.

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