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The molecules of perfume are in a gaseous state and mixing with the molecules of air in the room. All of them undergo random motion at all times as a result of the internal ("heat") energy that they have absorbed. The molecules often bump into each other, which causes them to mix if they were not mixed previously. Just as air expands to fill all available space, so too do gases in a closed container mix until the mixture is homogenous. This is entropic pressure, a "force" whose existence cannot be proven directly but can be argued statistically. Because the motion of the molecules is entirely random, the probability of finding a given concentration of perfume in a given volume of air approaches an even distribution throughout the room as time goes on. If that explanation was not clear enough, a simple analogy may help. Think of a box that is sparsely filled with two different colors of marbles, with the two colors initially separated. Shake the box. If you keep shaking, the two colors will eventually mix until the separation is entirely destroyed and the distribution is even. This is the same thing that happens to perfume molecules that begin concentrated above the surface of a girl's skin; they gradually disperse until they fill the entire room.

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This just study solids liquids and gas

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Q: Why does a smell of perfume is spread throughout the room?
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Why does the smell of a perfume spread throughout the entire room?

Whatever Connor O'Leary desires.

Why does a smell of a perfume spread faster in warmer room than cold room?

the malacouls

What must you observe if you spray perfume in one corner of the room?

the smell will spread at the another side of the room

How does the smell of perfume spray reaches to every corner of room?

perfume can be smelled because it is volatile substance(substances that change into vapour state easily at room temperature). The particles of perfume get mixed with particles of air through process of diffusion and spread in room and we can smell it

What happens when you open a bottle of perfume?

When you open a bottle of perfume, the liquid will begin to vaporize at room temperature, and the scent will spread through the air. The smell of perfume reaches other parts of the room because gases have a high rate of diffusion. A few molecules of perfume are enough to let you detect the smell.

If you stand at one end of a room and spray perfume into the air why does a person at the other end of the room smell the perfume?

The molecules of the perfume have evaporated and spread out in the air, from the area of greatest concentration to the areas of less concentration, the process known as diffusion.

Why can people smell perfume at the back of a room?

the particle of the perfume diffuses and moves

How does perfume spread around the room?

Perfume spreads around the room as small particles. The wind carries them.

Why can you smell a open bottle of perfume in a room?

Because the smells of the perfume have a medium-high viscosity and it won't smell as much

Why you can soon smell perfume when it is sprayed to the other side of the room?

because air has a big surface area and helps to diffuse it so perfume will spread to the whole of the room

By what process does perfume spread around a room?

the particles in the perfume grabs one of the molecules as you spray and they keep jumping on each molecule so afters the whole room would smell of it. ----------- Gas diffusion

Perfume spreading throughout the room is an example of?


How do you feel sweet smell of a perfume stick in a room?


Why do you smell an open bottle of perfume in a room?

The simple answer is DIFFUSION.

Why does smell spread?

smell spread through diffusion.for example when you take the cap off a bottle ,the smell spreads out.after few minutes the scent can be detected severl meters away.this is because perfume molecules have escaped and moved across room by colliding wuth each other.

What phase is it when perfume is released from a bottle and you can smell it on the other side of the room?

The perfume is evaporating and moving as a gas, by diffusion.

What is the name of the process of the smell of perfume passing throughout a room?

Diffusion. Where particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. For example if perfume is sprayed in one corner of a room, it will be smelt soon after in the opposite corner. It is a random, natural process that doesn't require energy.

What is a real life example of simple diffusion?

Perfume. If you spray any type of perfume in one area of a room, soon you can smell it at the other side of the room. When first sprayed, the perfume is highly concentrated in one area. Then diffusion kicks in and the particles move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration until it there is an equal concentration throughout.

Why can you smell an open bottle of perfume in a room?

the liquid vaporizes and the resulting gas molecules wander about the room

Can liquid perfume evaporate to a gas and you can smell it from the other side of the room?

because you can

What is diffusion and how it contributes to mass transfer?

Diffusion is the movement and spreading of substance throughout its location. For example if you spray perfume on one side of the room the scent will spread throughout the entire room. Mass transfer is similar because its the movement of particles from areas of high concentration to areas of lower concentration. Going back to our perfume example, there was a high concentration of perfume particles where you sprayed the perfume and a low concentration on the other side of the room, the molecules moved from the area with a high concentration to the area with a lower concentration.

When a bottle of perfume is open in the corner of a room why can its smell be noted in the other corner of the room?

The perfume evaporates, and its molecules enter the air to be detected as smells. By the process called diffusion, the molecules spread to the air in other parts of the room (generally from an area of higher concentration to lower). Perfume scents are among the most easily detected, with as little as a few parts per million in the air.

You can smell an opend bottle of perfume in a room because?

the liquid vaporizes and the resulting gas molecules wander about the room

Why do gases have no definite volume and they can be compressed?

A gas will expand to fill the space available to it. Imagine someone spraying some perfume in one corner of a room. Eventually, people across the room will smell the perfume because the molecules have spread out.There is no definite volume. Gases can be compressed (imagine a spray bottle).

How do you hide the smell of tobacco smoke in your home?

when i first tried smoking i did it in my room and i used perfume to hide the smell of smoke

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