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Many children have grown up abusing their parents. Usually it is a learned trait that has been taught by one of the parents. If a husband abuses his wife verbally or physically then there is the chance that the child will grow up with these same traits. They may exhibit this on one of their parents or on their own wife or husband when they marry. If you are being physically abused then call your local Department of Social Services or 911. No one deserves to be abused verbally or phuysically.

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Q: Why does a son verbal abuse mother?
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Why wouls a adult son physically abuse his mother?

Correction: Why would an adult son physically abuse his mother?This could be for many reasons; he could be used to it from his childhood, he could be taking out his agressions on her because he feels he has no control in his life, she could be provoking him with verbal abuse, she could have abused him as a child...

If your mate calls you a mother all the time and tells you to kiss his ass is that abuse?

It is actually verbal abuse.

If your mate calls you a mother all the time and to kiss his ass and is that abuse?

Yes!! It is mental,emotional and verbal abuse!!!!

Is verbal abuse considered child abuse in Illinois?

Verbal abuse IS abuse and is considered as such in all 50 states and terrorities

Is it abuse when your husband gets drunk once in a while and then mocks you about how messy you are and about your concern for your 9 year old son?

Yes there are different class of abuse. In this case it is verbal abuse.

What is non verbal abuse?

physical abuse

Do you know any good quotes about verbal abuse?

Love does not create verbal abuse. Dominance does.

When was Verbal Abuse - band - created?

Verbal Abuse - band - was created in 1981.

Why does a Son verbal abuse mother need a restraining order?

I think not. It depends what age. The language used is mostly taken from school and picked up by people in the family. It should die down in a while.

Is slapping a teenager and swearing at teenager abuse?

It is Verbal and Physical abuse. Verbal Abuse is considered with the swearing while the physical is the slapping.

Is it abuse to have a daughter demand and brow beat her mother for an apology even if there is nothing to make an apology for?

Beating is always abuse and I imagine there's a language that goes with it and that would be verbal abuse. Demanding is not abuse though.

Did Christina Aguilera's father abuse her when she was little?

Yes. Her mother received the brunt of the abuse (both verbal and physical), but when Christina Aguilera's father, Fausto, began to abuse the children as well, Aguilera's mother filed for divorce. Songs about the abuse can be heard on Stripped on "I'm OK" and Back to Basics on "Oh Mother." Hope this helps! ;)

What is emotional and verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is usually the cause of emotional abuse. Tell a young person that they are of no worth enough times they will start to believe it.

Is it abuse if your mate calls you a mother all the time and tells you to kiss his?

Absolutely! There are many types of abuse. Physical Abuse is one, but the kind you are dealing with is Verbal Abuse. Talk to him tell you how you feel! Or get some help from a close friend!

Is verbal classified as abuse?

People have been known to be arrested for verbal abuse... but that may be due to being aimed at the police. Verbal basically means speaking, so it depends what is said through the verbal use. E.g. bad language aimed at some, name calling these can be classed as verbal abuse

Is there a punishment for verbal abuse?

Most verbal abuse is not real abuse and is hard to prove. If the abuse is severe enough and there is proof, a child can be taken from the abuser.The question leaves more unknown then known

What is the seven types of abuse?

emotional abuseverbal abusephysical abusesexual abuseabandonmentneglectmedical abuse

Where you can note a child abuse and what common kind?

Verbal abuse is the most common abuse and most obvious abuse. Constant yelling, screaming, and hollering at children, name-calling, put-downs, excessive teasing, verbal bullying, and taunting are all forms of verbal abuse that can occur just about anywhere.

Do you have solutions for Verbal Abuse?


Can you get arrested for verbal abuse?


Is verbal assault or abuse a crime in Washington state?

From my brief research it appears that both verbal abuse AND mental abuse are both chargeable offenses under WA law.

Is verbal abuse domestic violence?

Yes. Traditionally, Domestic Violence Advocates acknowledge: Verbal Abuse Financial Abuse Psychological Abuse Physical Abuse and Spiritual Abuse I am sure there are more, but the acts of violence will generally fall under one of these subheadings.

What is verbal hostility?

Verbal hostility, or in other words, verbal harassment or abuse is basically a negative defining statement told to or about you or withholding a response and pretending the abuse is not happening. Verbal abuse (or hostility) can lead to emotional abuse and hostility in the workplace. This can lead to hatred and noneffective dispositions in the workplace, and this is precisely the reason why workplaces work to eliminate such disturbances. However, verbal abuse is seen in many other places, not just in the workplace. In school, it takes the title of bullying and even at home parents can emotionally abuse their children or spouses.

Is there a such thing as elder abuse?

Yes, elder abuse is a real thing. It can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, and financial abuse.

What are solutions to verbal abuse?

There are various potential solutions to verbal abuse. For example, you could try to contact the local law enforcement department.