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Verbal Abuse - band - ended in 1995.

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Q: When did Verbal Abuse - band - end?
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When was Verbal Abuse - band - created?

Verbal Abuse - band - was created in 1981.

What is non verbal abuse?

physical abuse

Do you know any good quotes about verbal abuse?

Love does not create verbal abuse. Dominance does.

What are the hallmarks of verbal abuse?

There are many hallmarks of verbal abuse. Some signs of verbal abuse include explosive tempers, extreme jealousy, and forced isolation from friends and family.

Is slapping a teenager and swearing at teenager abuse?

It is Verbal and Physical abuse. Verbal Abuse is considered with the swearing while the physical is the slapping.

What is emotional and verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is usually the cause of emotional abuse. Tell a young person that they are of no worth enough times they will start to believe it.

Do you have solutions for Verbal Abuse?


Can you get arrested for verbal abuse?


Is verbal classified as abuse?

People have been known to be arrested for verbal abuse... but that may be due to being aimed at the police. Verbal basically means speaking, so it depends what is said through the verbal use. E.g. bad language aimed at some, name calling these can be classed as verbal abuse

Is there a punishment for verbal abuse?

Most verbal abuse is not real abuse and is hard to prove. If the abuse is severe enough and there is proof, a child can be taken from the abuser.The question leaves more unknown then known

When a supervisor or boss gets on a pa system at work and continualy tells employee to go here or there and uses the word NOW at the end is that verbal abuse in the work place?

No, it is not verbal abuse. It is management, or a management style. It may be bad management, or a bad management style, but still not abuse.

Is verbal assault or abuse a crime in Washington state?

From my brief research it appears that both verbal abuse AND mental abuse are both chargeable offenses under WA law.

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