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Q: Why does a tall ice cream cone start to lean as if it melts?
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What is a cone?

A cone is a geometric shape. If we "build" it, it may be easier to understand what it is. Start with a plane and put a circle in it. Now pick a point that is "above" the plane, and draw a line from the point to the circumference of the circle. Now draw another one. And another. If you draw all the lines from that point to the circle, you'll create a cone. If you picked a point that is on a line perpendicular to the plane and that goes through the center of the circle, then you have set the conditions to make a right circular cone. This 3-dimentional geometric figure is fun to investigate. Use the link below to lean more about the cone.

How do you move in to kiss a girl?

your start to lean in and then turn your head to kiss a girl

What are the three names by which animal protein is known?

potato chips, cookies, and ice cream! My favorite!

How do you start a sprint?

Start at a light run, and slowly move your legs faster, lean forward more, not too far.

What causes the engine to backfire when trying to start a 305 Chevy?

It's lean. You have to figure out why.

What law of motion is applied when the passengers lean backward when the bus start to move?


What are some sweet words that start with l?

lovely, likeable, lissome, lean, lithe,

How does pilates create long lean muscle?

All movements/exercises of The Pilates Method start from the "center" the core and work-outward creating long lean muscles.

How do you pash a guy?

First of all lean in slowly and close your eyes. Make sure lean to the left. Start off with a peck then open mouth without tongue and then the males usually start the tongue. Go slow it is more romantic.

How to make a perm curlier?

get garnair frutics CREAM GEL AND BRUSH UR HAIR then lean over the bath tub to get ur hair wet then put the CREAM GEL in ur hair it should work! I THINK

What is the plural to lean-to?


What is the perfect way to snog a girl?

bring her on a date... when you start talking about love lean over and snog her

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