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Hey Harold==Could be a number of things, burned valves, bad pllug wires or cap bad emission check valves . It really needs to be checked out,. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-08-13 09:01:08
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Q: Why does a van backfire?
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Why does your dodge ram 250 van backfire?

if it backfires when driving most crank sensors cause this

What would make your van backfire?

Check your timming. It might be advanced too far

Why do you get a backfire sound when you get off the accelerator of your Dodge van?

you have a leak in the exhaust system lets in air

Why does 2001 Dodge Ram Van 3.9 start then backfire have to shut off and restart and then is fine?

I have the same problem in my ram van 3.9. Did you figure it out yet?

How do you fix backfire 1989 dodge van b250?

adjust the timing or use better grade/octane of fuel or both

Why backfire?

backfire is the best! rubbish! loosers L

What might cause a 6-cyl 1986 Chevy Astro van to backfire?

It can be eithier plug wires crossed or burned valves. Have it checked out.

Why do cars backfire?

Cars do backfire because of the mechanical failures.

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What does a backfire flame arrestor prevent?

Internal combustion engines can backfire. In order to prevent flames from the backfire causing a fire on board, an approved backfire flame arrestor must be attached to the air intake with a flame tight connection.

Why does the engine backfire every time it takes off from a light in 1997 Chevy Express van?

Timing needs adjustment. or its runing too rich on fuel.

How do guns backfire?

Guns backfire when there is something blocking the hole in thee end of the barrel

Will a bad timing chain make the engine backfire?

Incorrect Timing Can Cause Backfire.

What causes an exhaust backfire on lt1 camaro?

I think you are hearing pressure pops. Not a backfire.

Can a timing chain backfire and mess up starter on a 1998 surburban?

The chain can not backfire. If it is installed off time it can cause a backfire, which could conceivably damage a starter.

Why does a rototiller backfire when starting?

A rototiller may backfire when it is starting because the valves need to be adjusted. Another reason that it might backfire is because you have to replace the spark plug.

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Can fuel filters and or fuel pump cause backfire?

No, backfire is usually caused by park plug wires that are installed incorrectly or an engine that is out of time. Fuel filter and pump will not cause backfire.

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