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because warm molecules have more energy and movement and either rise when warm or expand if they're warm or surrounded by warmness.

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Warm air in a balloon will what?


Does warm air expand?


Why do balloon's full of air get bigger when placed in a warm oven?

because the rubber and the air expand .

How does air expand in closed objects?

cool Actually, when there is warm air, like in a balloon it will expand. When you go outside, the balloon will shrink if it is cold outside. When you go back into the warm indoors, the balloon will go back to its normal size.

How air gets cooled?

Warm air rises....and when it rises it becomes cooler. ...If the pressure of surrounding air is reduced then the rising air parcel will expand. The molecules are doing work as they expand . This will affect the parcel's temperature.

When an area of the Earth's surface becomes very hot what happens to the air above it?

The air will warm, expand and rise.

Why does water expand at the equator?

Water expands at the equator because it is warm there, and warm molecules expand. Warm molecules expand and cold molecules decrease in size.

Does warm air take up more space?

yes, as the particles of air are heated, it moves more rapidly, which causes it to expand

Do things expand in cold or warm weather?

things expand in warm weather. *example-in the summer the sidewalks expand thats why there are cracks .

How does convection happen?

Liquids and gasses tend to expand when heated, this lowers the density, thus warm "air" rises and cool air falls.

What do things do when they get warm?

They expand

Why does a hot air balloon rise when the air inside it is heated?

Heating causes the air inside the balloon to expand. Some of the warm air leaves through the bottom opening of the balloon, keeping the pressure constant.

Warm air rises because it is?

Warm air rises because it is less dense than colder air. As gases get warmer they expand that the molecules become farther apart causing it to become less dense and therefore, lighter per unit squared, this is why it rises.

Pls show simple demo an air pressure is inversly proportional to the temperature?

I would say that it is more down to physics than geography: Everything warm tries to expand, when it can't expand, it builds up pressure inside. So: the warmer the air, the higher the air pressure.

Does air expand or contract as it rises?


What can take more moisture cold air or warm air?

Warm air.

Is thunder the sound of warm air colliding with cold air?

You are wrong. Thunder is the noise made when the lightning causes the air to heat up and expand suddenly. When this explodes we hear the sound we call thunder.

When warm air meets cool air does the warm air sink?

The cold air pushes under the warm air.

Is a warm front a warm air mass?

No. A warm front is the boundary between a warm air mass and a cold air mass where the warm air mass is advancing.

What does warm water do to yeast?

Warm water causes the yeast to rise, or expand.

Why does metal expand when warm?

Because the particles

When cold air moves toward warm air it pushes the warm air?

I pushes the warm air upwards.

Which is heavyer cold air or warm air?

Warm air. The humidity present in warm air makes it heavier.

When warm air approaches a large body of cold air what happens to the warm air?

The warm air rises

Why does a warm air mass rise?

Warm air is less dense, which means it is lighter. Cold air will displace warm air causing warm air to rise.