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When aluminum and bromine react, three bromine atoms combine with each aluminum atom.

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Two aluminum atoms and three sulfur atoms?

Two aluminum atoms and three sulfur atoms are combined in the compound aluminum sulfide (2 Al + 3 S = Al2S3).

What does two atoms of aluminum and three atoms of sulfur make?

Two atoms of aluminum and three atoms of sulfur make one formula unit of the ionic compound aluminum (III) sulfide.

Which compound has two atoms of aluminum for every three atoms of oxygen?

Aluminum Oxide has two atoms of alminum for every three atoms of oxygen. EXAMPLE: AI2O3

How much oxygen in grams will be required to react with 0.5 mole of aluminium?

Three atoms of oxygen are required to react with each two atoms of aluminum to form the most common product of reaction between oxygen and aluminum. Therefore, 0.75 mole of oxygen atoms will be required to react with 0.5 mole of aluminum atoms. The atomic weight of oxygen is 15.999; therefore, the mass will be (0.75)(15.999) = 12 grams of oxygen, to the maximum possibly justified number of significant digits.

What is the Name for AlBr3?

Aluminum Tribromide, it is tri, because there are three Bromine in it. 'Tri' means three.

What does AI2O3 stand for?

Two aluminum atoms and three oxygen atoms >

How many different types of atoms are present in one molecule of aluminum hydroxide?

Al(OH)3 One atom of aluminum. Three atoms of oxygen. Three atoms of hydrogen.

How many atoms in aluminum sulfite?

Fourteen. The formula for aluminum sulfite is Al2(SO3)3. This means in the compound there are two atoms of aluminum, three atoms of sulfur, and nine atoms of oxygen, for a total of fourteen.

How many atoms are in aluminum permangantae?

Sixteen. The formula for aluminum permanganate is Al(MnO4)3. There is one atom of aluminum (Al), three atoms of manganese (Mn), and twelve atoms of oxygen (O).

How many atoms in ammonium bromide?

NH4Br one atom of nitrogen three atoms of hydrogen one atom of bromine five atoms in all

Three oxygen atoms combine with how many aluminium atoms?

The general oxide of aluminum is Al2O3

Why does oxygen have a subscript of 3 in aluminum oxide?

Aluminum loses three electrons to have a full valence shell. Oxygen gains two electrons to have a full valence shell. Aluminum Oxide is shown as Al2O3 because there are three oxygen atoms with a total of 6 gained electrons. Two Aluminum atoms lose 6 electrons and three Oxygen atoms gain six. This is the balance between aluminum and oxygen.

How many atoms are in calcium bromide?

CaBr2: one atom of calcium, Ca two atoms of bromine, Br three altogether

What is the name for BrF3?

Br is the chemical symbol for Bromine. There are three fluorine atoms covalently bonded, so they form triflouride. The full name is then bromine fluoride.

How many atoms are in Al2O3?

There are five. Two atoms of aluminum, and three atoms of oxygen.There are 5 atoms in Al2O3, just add 2 and 3!

Lewis dot structure for bromine molecule?

Each of the two Bromine atom has THREE pairs of ('free') unshared electrons at the outside, and that two Bromine atoms have ONE pair of shared el's in between them ('inside')

What is the Lewis structure for SiCl3Br?

It is tetrahedral, so the Silicon atom is in the center with Bromine and the three Chlorine atoms bonded to it. Silicon has 4 electrons, Bromine has 7, and the three Chlorine together have 21, so altogether there are 32 electrons. This means that the Silicon atom in the center has a single bond to each of the outer atoms, and the bromine and chlorine atoms have 3 electron pairs each in addition to the bond with Silicon.

Does al203 contain more than two atoms?

Yes. It contains two atoms of the element aluminum (Al(2)), and three atoms of the element oxygen (O(3)), to form the compound aluminum oxide.

How many elements in CuBr2?

There are two atoms of Bromine (Br) and one atom of Copper (Cu) in this compound. Thus, there are two elements, but three atoms.

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