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The short answer- Poor 'staking' by the factory to hold the plug in place.

The longer, more complicated answer is that the plug is made of steel

and the EGR valve body is made of aluminum. Since the valve body is

exposed to a constant stream of hot exhaust gases, it tends to expand more

than the steel plug, allowing the plug to move under high exhaust gas pressures

and eventually work it's way out of the valve body.

If your Sidekick has high mileage (+100k miles) there's also a chance of a partially

blocked catalytic converter, which would raise exhaust pressures @ the egr port

even higher, resulting in the plug being blown out.

I've had it happen twice on my 96 Sidekick (1.6 L engine), and I'm ready to replace

it again. You'll find that an American nickle fits in the place where the plug blew

out and use a metalized epoxy to glue the nickle in place. This fix lasts about 2 years,

on average.

Hope this helps!


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Q: Why does an EGR plug on a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick keep blowing?
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