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In empty space, an electromagnetic wave can only travel at one speed - the speed of light.

In empty space, an electromagnetic wave can only travel at one speed - the speed of light.

In empty space, an electromagnetic wave can only travel at one speed - the speed of light.

In empty space, an electromagnetic wave can only travel at one speed - the speed of light.

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In empty space, an electromagnetic wave can only travel at one speed - the speed of light.

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Q: Why does an electromagnetic wave in space never slow down?
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Electromagnetic waves slow down or change direction?

Electromagnetic waves are produced by the acceleration of an electric charge. Electromagnetic waves have the same speed in a vacuum (or space). They can slow down and change direction.

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You can kick a soccer ball (football) in outspace and it will never slow down.

How come planets don't slow down?

There is no friction in space to slow them down.

How do you slow rocket down in space?

reverce thrusters

How does a space shuttle slow down?

Reverse thrusters. They create an opposite force to the shuttles movement, to slow it down. (I think)

Does time have friction?

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Do objects that move in space ever slow down?

No and yes. All objects in space move, but the gravity of the sun and the planets slow down a spacecraft or other object if they get too close.

Will a space shuttle speed up or slow down when it fires its engines when facing backwards?

If it is facing in the opposite direction of travel it will slow down.

Can you throw objects faster in space or on earth?

Space bcause theres no air resistance to slow down the object in space.

Why would a ball would never stop moving if you give it a push (apply a force to it) in outer space?

There is no force of drag or friction acting to slow it down.

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Suppose you were able to throw a ball in outer space would it slow down as quickly in space as it does on Earth?

If you threw a ball in space, it would keep going until the gravity of another body interacted on it. In space, there is no air to slow down the ball, so there is no friction.

How do rockets slow down in space?

They slow down by firing their engines retrograde(opposite to direction of movement). If the orbit isn't particularly high above atmosphere, it is also possible to slow down due to friction.

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An electromagnetic wave is slowed down if?

Well, to be honest, electromagnetic wave itself is never slowed down by anything and travels uniformly at the speed of light, c. However, when you look at macroscopic level, it is possible to slow down a combination of many many electromagnetic waves if they travel though a dense medium. The denser the medium, the more 'radiation' is slowed down. So slowing down process occurs when 'radiation' travels from less dense to more dense medium (the closed atoms are packed together, the more they absorb and reemit electromagnetic waves).

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How does a space rocket in space slow down?

Friction and magnetic influences will be external forces that can slow a spaceship down. If we want a controlled slowing down of a ship, we would use reverse thrust. Space is not a perfect vacuum. It is a good one, but not perfect. Movement requires exertion on something.

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slow down is when you slow down

How do space shuttles slow down when re entering earths atmoshpere?

Drag from air is the main thing that slows down the space shuttle on reentry.

What would a parachute slow down a space shuttle on landing?

Yes, which is why they use one.

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What has the author A H W Beck written?

A. H. W. Beck has written: 'An introduction to physical electronics' 'Space-charge waves, and slow electromagnetic waves' -- subject(s): Carrier waves, Electromagnetic waves

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Satellites are in the vacuum of space because if they were in the atmosphere, air resistance would slow them down and they would fall to the ground.

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