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To get the maximum power from the fuel, it has to be burnt completely and efficiently. This way, more power is delivered to the wheels and less unburnt fuel and products of poor combustion come out of the exhaust.

Old cars use carburettors in gas powered vehicles and mechanical fuel injectors in diesel vehicles.

Spark ignition vehicles used mechanical electrical means to time the spark.

These items worked OK. But that's it, just OK, not brilliant.

Modern cars use electronics and computers to monitor and deliver fuel correctly to the cylinders.

The position of the crankshaft is measured accurately and the information passed to a computer.

The output of the computer will fire the spark at the best time depending on the load and throttle position.

The fuel is squirted by an injector, which is electronically controlled by the computer. This can deliver an accurate dose of fuel at just the right time.

A perfectly tuned old car, will become out of tune quickly due to wear of the mechanical timing devices.

A modern car with ECU (Engine control unit) has sensors that use light or magnetism to detect engine position, so do not wear. Other sensors monitor temperature, air mass and exhaust gas. Feeding this information back to the computer, can allow the software to make immediate adjustments.

This is something old cars just cannot do.

You can however fix an old car with a big hammer and a penknife.

A new car needs a PHD in electronics or a big wallet to fix and hope that you are not miles from either.

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Q: Why does an old car pollute more than a new car?
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