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Yes, if you take out collision and comprehensive insurance. The more the car is worth the higher the insurance premium.


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A truck insurance doesn't necessarily cost more. It would depend on the size of the truck.

Classic car insurance costs more than regular car insurance. This is because it costs more to replace the parts on an antique car, and would be a lot more to replace if totaled.

It does not offer anymore insurance than the other. Because the car is more valuable, it just cost more to cover it and certain insurance companies will not cover this type of cars.

When it'd cost more to repair it than the car is worth.

Car insurance in the UK can potentially cost more than in the US, but it could also be the other way around. Both of these countries are divided into smaller states that each have their own insurance laws and pricing.

The main difference is the price. Collector car insurance will cost you significantly more than any regular car insurance that you would get.

There is no one rate for insurance. It is determined by age, driving record and the state in which the insurance is written in. You will however pay more on a luxury than a regular car.

Antique vehicle insurance costs a little more than insurance on a regular car, because it's so much to replace the parts. State Farm insurance offers antique car insurance.

The cost for repair on a vehicle depends on what year it is and what shape it is in. If the damage to the vehicle costs more than the vehicle itself, it will be totaled by an insurance company.

No, the color of a car does not affect the cost of insurance.

you can buy it from the rental company or it can extend from you personal auto insurance policy at no extra cost if your insurance company provides this coverage.

Your car is considered totaled when it would cost more to fix it than it is worth. when your insurance company says it is or it cost more to fix than it's worth == When the repair costs exceed 50-75% (depending on what state youre in) of the actual cash value of the car.

It depends on what you drive / ride. It is best to get quotes from different insurance agencies, and find out who can offer you the best deal for the coverage you want.

More Than car insurance company offers more than just car insurance. According to their slogan, More Than not only insures material things on a personal as well as business level, but they also offer something more important: Peace of mind.

when you total your car it just means that it will cost more to fix it than it is/was worth. usually the insurance won't pay for it but instead a junkyard will give you some money for it and insurance will give you more to make up for what it was worth and you can get a new car.

Getting insurance for a classic car is very similar to getting insurance for a new car. The only difference is that it is more expensive to insure a classic car than a new car.

Other than breakdown insurance, More Than offers a wide variety of other insurances such as life insurance, car insurance, property insurance and home and pet insurance.

Car driving convictions affect the cost of one's insurance in the following way: the more conviction one has, the higher the price is for insurance, since one is more likely to make an accident again.

In Texas, Yes, It will cost more for Insurance for a new driver whether or not he is the registered owner of a vehicle.

You can find information on RV insurance cost from just about any car insurance company. Any insurance company that offers car insurance also offers RV insurance. Geigo and Progressive just to name a couple.

Totaled means that the cost to repair it is more than what its worth...they will most likely give you something below KBB ...

It actually goes down as you age.

Truck insurance generally costs more than insurance on a regular passenger car..... if both policies were alike in coverage amounts.

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