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Why are you disconnecting the battery with the engine running? Never mind, you've probably already figured this out by now, but there's a good chance your alternator is fried and your spark plugs are running on battery power. Get your alternator checked out. New ones aren't that expensive (approx. $50) and can be changed by anyone handy with tools.

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Is there anything besides the alternator being bad that would cause a 2002 Volkswagen jetta to stop running when the battery is disconnected?


Turned off your 1991 Ford tempo but Fan will not stop running Just did that today Turned off car and fan keeps running disconnected positive battery cable to stop fan but need to fix the problem?

Sounds like the fan switch is fried. If it is stuck on high speed the blower relay may also be fried.

Does your 1996 Kia Sephia have an alarm system?

when the battery was disconnected on a 1996 kia sephia or deterrent system, why did the car stop working?

Why does a battery stop working?

because it doesnt have any energy running through it

Will disconnecting a battery cable cause a 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt's engine to stop running?

Yes, and disconnecting the battery while the engine is running can severely damage the computers

Which side of battery do you disconnect to stop the battery running down in a vehicle not being used for a while?

Disconnect the negative cable.

What would cause the idling to go down when at a stop while running the heater in a 2002 Chevy trailblazer?

you must of recently disconnected your battery. make sure both terminals are tight. Drive around for a day and the problem should go away.

Why do the flashers flash when the battery is hooked up?

This is because each time the battery is disconnected, the computer in the car loses power. When the new battery is hooked up, the computer system needs to be reset to stop the lights from blinking.

1993 Ford Aerostar XLT quit running as you slowed down for stop now it starts but doesn't stay running what could this be?

Check for a vacuum leak or disconnected vacuum line

What is the effect of overcharging laptop battery?

if the laptop battery over charged, the laptop battery will get hot, Seriously will damage the battery, but now most of the laptop battery have a overshoot protection, when the battery was full charged, it will stop charging automatic, so it won't worry about it

Why would a 1993 Buick LeSabre stop running and not turn over?

Check battery and cables

Why does the engine stop running and after cooling the pump the engine starts running?

Many engines have an automatic shut off when the engine becomes too hot. Once the engine cools down it may also be equipped with an automatic startup.

Dodge durango abs motor wont stop running killing your battery?

Change the abs motor.

Why does your smoke detector beep with a new battery?

Nope, the beep is there to let you know that it is running out of battery power before it is too late. If the new battery is fully charged the beeping will stop.

Why VW lupo's battery suddenly gone flat when decelerate to stop at normal speed?

The battery was week and stopped recharging. Check the date of the battery! The batt feeds some electricals directly...Flat batt could stop engine from running.

Why won't fuel pump won't stop running killing battery 1990 Super Coupe There are other drivability issues finding my battery dead is top of the list. I have to disconnect battery to stop pump.?

check you fuel pump relay

Is there fuse on a Kawasaki prairie automatic 300 that will stop it from running getting gas firing just want crank?


Will your car stop running if your battery is low?

Will a Car Stop Running If the Battery is LowThe answer is yes and no. It depends on HOW low. The electrical computer(s) and ignition systems require a minimum voltage. What that voltage number is I don't know, and it probably varies with various models of vehicles and the amount of accessories on it.

Why does the stop light and battery light stay on when van is running Renault traffic?

you need a new alternator/belt

When the key is out of your ignition the automatic seatbelt module is making a running motor noise which you believe is draining your battery does anyone know how to fix this module where is the rese?

I am assuming that you have "automatic" seatbelts. If this is the case, you will most likely need to replace the entire offending unit. Until you can afford it, just look for the fuse (marked "Belts" on Fords) and remove it. That will stop the battery drain and will leave the belts functional from a safety standpoint as long as they are in the rear position.

How do you find alternator or battery is bad or not?

Sometimes, with the vehicle running, you can remove the positive lead from the battery and the vehicle with either keep running or stop. If it stops that can mean the alternator is bad. This is not 100% accurate, depending on the type vehicle, etc.

Why would horn on your 2000 neon start blowing and not stop until battery was disconnected?

A faulty relay or something is getting ground or power when and where it should not. check a wiring schematic and trace from the battery to the circuit protector to the switch to the load and to ground.

What engine sound will you get if your alternator is gone or going?

if your alternator is gone or going your car will start and then eventually just stop running because your battery has gone dead. it typically will not make any sound when your engine is not running because of a dead battery.

Why does the stop light and battery light stay on when car is running in Renault laguna?

Alternator bad or wiring fault to alternator.

Why would my 1993 Plymouth duster stop running while on the expressway and then would not turnover with a new battery?

bad alternator