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I doesn't taste good , or it is good food

Its not bad food if it tastes good.

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Q: Why does bad food taste so good?
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Why does food taste good?

food taste good so you starve

Why does taste taste good?

taste does taste good if taste didnt taste good then taste woukd tatse just as bad as bad so yea its

Why does healthy food taste bad and bad food tastes good?

There is no such thing as healthy food or bad food. Any time you eat too much of one type of food it becomes unhealthy. It's just that the foods we tend to eat too much of are the ones that taste good, so we label them unhealthy.

Does chocolate food taste very good?

it is so good

Why does French food taste so good?

because mr apple was eating it so it taste good du

How are you going to handle customers complain?

If they complained that the food is not nice, next time you let the other cheff taste it first so you know if it taste good or bad

Why is pepsi so good?

Because coke taste so bad

Are protein bars bad when it comes to how they taste?

Nowadays, they typically try to make food taste better so people will buy it. So, protein bars might not be the best food in the world to you, but they definitely won't taste bad. If they did, they wouldn't sell them.

Why do cupcakes taste so good?

Cupcakes taste sooo good as they have alot of sugary stuff in them which is bad for you.But because it is bad for you that is why we crave it so much and belive me i CRAVE!!! xxxD

Why does food taste so good?

Our food tastes so good because of our taste buds, everyone's taste buds are different. It also depends how you cook the food. Wow, that's such a stupid question. Im supprised someone even answered it.

Why does junk food taste good?

becasue of all the chemicals they put in it , it taste better then natural food, so people will be addicted to !

What to eat when you're hungry but everything looks bad?

What I would do is that I would get the food that looks bad and eat it anyways. because some foods look bad and they taste good; Just close your eyes while eating it and have a drink so you can take away the taste.

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